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Ramona Animal Shelter - Sad fact of out society that they say that care so far from the truth 1.5 Many years ago I paid over $1000.00 to have my blue and gold macaw returned to me, that,s a story not really associated with my next story. My... Consumer Reports Subscription Review from San Jacinto, California 1.5 I am thoroughly discussed with Consumer's Report! I had gone online last month and cancelled my upcoming renewal scheduled for this month.... Carls Jr Restaurant - ANGER, OVERPOWER MISUNDERSTANDING AN ORDINARY EDUCATED GUEST 2.6 It is not traditional. It is not welcoming and I feel like an stranger. No confidence whatsoever dealing with services now these days without dignity,... Peoplefinders - Background Check Review from San Jacinto, California 1.0 I agreed to pay for one lousy background check on someone I agreed to the 1.95 being pulled out of my account. There was nothing else saying that... San Jacinto, CA ~ The WORST Panda Express ! 1.8 This is the WORST Panda Express I've ever been to (and I've eaten at quite a few) !!! I went there tonight near closing; 8:47pm. I ordered string... First American Home Warranty - Warranty Review from San Jacinto, California Terrible service! I have a microwave out of service since 9/28/15. Two contract vendors and six repairman visits and it is still not working. Many... Ramona Animal Shelter Services Review from San Jacinto, California My furry child 13 years old was lost on December 9th about 5 o'clock at 6:30,she was picked up by a local groomer..on the 10th of December she was... Everhome Mortgage - They took almost $25,000 forebearance Plan and after Modification, they promised payment reduction sold loan at original balance. 1.0 This company is the king of BLOOD SUCKING. They bought the loan from another company SAXXON. The first thing they did was demanded $6,250. to get me...