My tenant in a rental property started using this service through Capital One Bank. The first payment went through just fine. The second month I got the famous email saying I needed to login and update my profile. Did what was required. Same as all the other complaints....they said my info did not match up and they could not verify my account. There is no flexibility with this retarded company. They will not take extra steps to help you in any... Read more

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Got emails last Thursday that funds were transferred to me via this ripoff service and that they should be available within minutes. Now 4 business banking days later I don't have the money. I have bills to pay, this is *** AND TOTALLY ILLEGAL. I WANT MY MONEY. And it doesn't help that you can't email any of these worthless banks anymore. Not my *** BofA bank, nor Chase that should have NOTHING to do with the transaction, nor Wells Fargo the... Read more

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I tried Urthbox through Groupon. The signup process was difficult and they forced you to use a credit card to complete the transaction. Once I applied my credit card and the groupon coupon they proceeded to charge my credit card. After 3 emails they finally reversed the charge. I then informed them I only wanted the 3 months via groupon. 3 months later they charged my card again. After 12 emails with customer service they came and said sorry, it... Read more

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