After being pleased with six months of Urthbox subscribership, I noticed that the subscription had unexpected renewed itself. I was not too concerned, and asked customer service to please cancel the renewal and refund my $77. The rep responded to let me know that not only do they not process refunds, but that I should have cancelled the renewal before the 1st of the month when it renewed. I clearly had no idea that it would auto-renew, which she... Read more

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I spent $30.00 dollars on app credits. I submitted as many quotes as possible, well within the budgetary constraints of the job requests. I received zero jobs. Now i keep getting all these requests that I would need purchase more credits to quot on. You know $30.00 is a lot to spend on nothing. Though I'm sure that this is credibly, I'm suspect that this is just a great way to make money selling credits. I would love to here testaments as to... Read more

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I fell for the adds on Instagram advertising for a very discounted box. As i live in Canada i signed up for what I understood as a one time payment of $22 Canadian for a single box. I received that box, but shortly after noticed that i was charged almost $400 Canadian for a 6 month subscription. As a student I absolutely cannot afford this. I emailed Urthbox and they replied saying they could not refund me, I then called and again explained my... Read more

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I started getting emails in what appeared to be chinese, a language I don't speak. I contacted airbnb. No response. Later their automatic system indicated they were suspending my account. I contacted airbnb. No response. My account was then blocked. I contacted airbnb. No response. I continue to receive emails from airbnb I started getting emails in what appeared to be chinese, a language I don't speak. I contacted airbnb. No response. Later... Read more

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I signed up for a free box with $6 shipping, then they automatically charged me for 6 months worth of product for $120. They refused to refund any of the money. The food they sent in my sample box had some expired products in it as well. not a good product and the customer service isn't either. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone at all. I'm doing a chargeback on my credit card and filing a complaint with the BBB for them as well.... Read more

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WARNING !!!! DO NOT Purchase a Square Protection Plan if you purchase the item on SALE or at Auction. Square Trade will NOT Refund the Replacement Cost AS THEY ADVERTISE. They will only refund the Purchase Amount. When I spoke to a supervisor about why they print "Refund the Replacement Cost" on their Protection Plan. Booklet if that is not their Policy, I was told that it is a "Marketing Tool" I purchased a Square Trade Warranty for an item and... Read more

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We have a very successful professional band and have performed at hundreds of major concerts and thousands of smaller events. We are all college-educated musicians with extensive resumes who have performed with national acts. We have received rave reviews from many media sources as well as major Fortune 500 companies. Thumbtack is the biggest ripoff we have ever seen regarding booking events. Unlike other booking services where we have gotten... Read more

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My printer was acting up. Gave bad quality (a lot of missed lines and smearing) printouts. Noticed the styrofoam along the print rail was soaked. Checked inks and did multiple print head cleaning with no improvement. In fact, quality was worst than before after printhead cleanings. File a claim to squaretrade since I bought a 3 years plan. It rejected my claim right after I finished filing. Reasons were accidental damage is not covered. Any... Read more

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their login password reset process is annoying. They never get back or reply on emails. very un-satisfactory experience! I called the first time, I was able to talk to someone on the phone but he didn't solve my problem /issues. Then I left it for months before I tried to login and I was back to square 1. Then, recently, I sent a customer support email and got the automated reply but nothing beyond that. Now, I did google search for their... Read more

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I read 200 reviews tonight and feel compelled to respond from a driver's point of view. I have almost 800 deliveries under my belt. While I understand the frustration of poor customer service, non-deliveries, cold food, and wrong orders, I fortunately have always delivered complete (and correct) orders within the time promised. That being said, I have received orders from DoorDash an hour or two late (per the time displayed on my app), and... Read more

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