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last evening my computer was compromised/Locked dead by a Critical attack and I had to pay 99.99 to get it sorted by another company. There had been another 8 Critical attacks which had not been picked up by AVG. I have Antivirus protection and Tune up Paid For! When I... Read more

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You will build the resume and feel so accomplished until you try to download it, then the payment request, then you decide to pay, and the payment button does not work. It goes like this: They are getting your information and you will not be able to access it, whether... Read more

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I didn't get my order. Callme 4802023877

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Bo Office Tickets is was set up to make me feel I was buying tickets from Coplay Symphony Hall.Thought the tickets were pricey but the performer who tours rarely was asking for more money for performance.Tickets came in from Box Office and they are from Ticket... Read more

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Airbnb's futile arguments and unfairness towards customers
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Le 21 avril dernier, nous avons rserv la chambre des matres chez Alex, Hollywood. Lannonce disait : All amenities included. APARTMENT FEATURES: - you get your own master bedroom with a private bathroom, closet, balcony - Sleeps 3 (third person can choose to sleep on... Read more

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In the future, try to remember your clients are not lab rats especially when it comes to promoting a pyramid scheme like Rodan and Fields. Double shame on you. I will give you some credit for reporting the issues with this unscrupulous company on this public website. I... Read more

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Attention all buyers !!!!!STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!!STOP!!!STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!!STOP!!STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!!STOP!! Hello To All Amazon , eBay , Costco OR any Online buyers and store buyers as well,Buyers and sellers should avoid from the *** or fake Plan under... Read more

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Unsatisfactory Timothy Marten, MD response to poor surgical outcomes: lumpy, uneven absorption of overdone fat grafting along with poorly executed facelift. Marten refuses to accept responsibility and uses the convenient excuse of "patient healing" characteristics for... Read more

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I also experienced less than satisfactory results - so much so that I feel ruined and deformed. Dr. Marten doesn't really care, denies the obvious and essentially disappears when problems arise (as reported previously by "Red Roxie" in a Real Self forum. She and... Read more

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Touch Of Modern - Not HAPPY
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I placed an order on ToM for my husband for a couple of father's day gifts for him. The order was placed on 6/13/17. I ordered 2 items, the T3 TACTICAL AUTO RESCUE TOOL & the ENGLISH PINT DRINKING MUG // RESIN BASE. The ENGLISH PINT DRINKING MUG // RESIN BASE stated... Read more

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