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Credo Mobile - Credo customer service is down the drain 1.0 After almost 15 years of loyalty to Credo they totally screwed me over. In June 2017 my phone was broken. I call CS to get a replacement and was told... Tophatter - BUYER BEWARE!!! ACTUALLY, JUST STAY AWAY!!! 2.0 STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! I was excited when I first found it, and ordered 30+ things in the first week! As they came in, there was... Tophatter - No answer I am waiting on an order and it says I cancelled my order where is my snoopy watch I have tried to sign in it says I cancelled my account did not... Rodan and Fields - BEST on the market! 4.7 Totally worth the investment. Use sparingly and you won't have any issues. If you're having problems, you're using too much. One swipe at night. It's... Asap Tickets - Was easy and pleasant to work with. 4.2 I worked wit a person at this company and he was very helpful. I needed time to discuss travel dates and times with my wife. He reserved my tickets... Airbnb - Money grubbing with no compassion 1.0 We booked 5 nights ($4200) at a home in NYC for a vacation over 2 months in the future. Within 1 hour of... Tophatter - Someone bid and charged to my account without my authorization I was not on Tophatter yesterday, I was outside working in the yard. I came in in the afternoon and found 14 emails from Tophatter acknowledging my... Rodan and Fields - Hate Multi-level Marketing! 1.8 I do like their products, I use Reverse, Redefine and Lash Boost. What I hate are the stupid games they play with customers. Hey, we've got this...