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Yelp posted a false/fabricated review about our business 1.0 On 7/18/2017 somebody that was NEVER a customer of our business posted a completely false and made up review of our business. She has never set foot... Thumbtack - Non existing customers I have received millions of "customers's" requests from Thumbtuck and NONE of them have ever contacted me. Looks like Thumbtuck uses fake request and... Next Door - Even neighborhood leads cannot control membership or content for Nextdoor. I am a neighborhood founder and lead for Nextdoor. Even neighborhood leads cannot control membership or content. Nextdoor has no customer service... Yelp - Yep Removed my Review twice about bad school 1.0 I left a review about Primerose Friendswood Texas on Yelp. It was about a child that needed reconstructive surgery on her finger and had to be put to... Signature Tax is a company of crooks 1.2 I got in touch with Signature Tax more than 2 months ago to revise my taxes for 2016. I paid them $350 over the phone immediately and signed the... Indiegogo facilitated theft of $2M and won't help 1.6 I supported Ximalaya Headphones from Indiegogo campaign. In good faith, I gave them $189. The campaign funding has since reached over $2MILLION. The... Squaretrade - 700 1-star negative customer reviews on 1.0 This many customers cannot be wrong! Save yourself a lot of time and effort trying to get a warranty check from ST. I made the mistake of buying... American Express - Centurion Lounge Service Fail 2.3 As often happens with AmEx Platinum the benefits you expect to receive when you pay your annual fee aren't the one available during the year. First...