An AFLAC rep came to my work place to sell us insurance. I haven't been to a Dentist in 8 years and was interested in Dental Insurance. I specifically asked the Rep if I could start seeing the Dentist right away. His answer was "Yes". I asked if I was unhappy... Read more

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Please don't trust Bosley they just shows you dreams and make you believe and they steal you money. They took my pictures before my surgery now i look bad hair on head then before i went Bosley. SFO Bosley charged me $9000 they said its guarantee . I visited 2 to 3... Read more

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I am a consultant of rodan+fields who had no plans of selling but was convinced by my friend/consultant to be one so i can get better price for rodan products. I have some freckles on my face and accdg to my friend/consultant that this product will help eliminate those... Read more

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Get whatever the sales clerk says IN WRITING! you'll need it later. If you lose your diamond, it's covered, but if you go in for the 6-month check and they find a loose stone, they harass you that you don't have a warranty and NOW you owe $80+ to fix it. Oh, I see,... Read more

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I found her website by just searching in google.And yes, what Jenna is saying is ABSOLUTELY right: Everything happens for reason.What the "Jenna Team" is doing to people will not go unpunished. So.., hey, you do not worry about her. "Jenna & Co" is loading themselves... Read more

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I am one of hair transplanted patine patient. I suggest not to go or choose Bosley Hair Transplant specially SFO . I was barely thinning in the hair line, didn't look bad at all. I made the horrible decision to consulting with Bosley They treated me 1st as i am... Read more

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I purchased a "Worry No More Warranty" (7 year) on a complete sofa set and ottoman. The cushions tore on the back where the backing met leather and when I called in to report it and get service, they refused to honor this warranty since it needed to be reported within... Read more

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Love love love my Rodan and Fields skin care products. I've been using Redefine and Lash Boost. So happy with my results! I did do my research before I settled with R+F. I even got my teenage son to use Unblemish and it's given him confidence! I can't believe it took... Read more

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Meyerkord & Meyerkord, a St. Louis based personal injury and medical malpractice law firm, announced it is currently investigating claims related to the Lifestyle Lift® cosmetic procedure. If you underwent the Lifestyle Lift® procedure and feel it was performed... Read more

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Original SOE Gear and owner John Wiliis stole money from me! I made a purchase from them and NEVER RECEIVED MY item. They have a paypal order system which does not allow you to purchase on their page, instead they send an paypal order to your email. I never received... Read more

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