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Walgreens - Pharmacy at store # 15930 2.6 I went to pharmacy #15930 last month and was told they would fill my presciption 4 days after i dropped it off. So this month i went to that pharmacy... Too bad KFC has become KF Dissapointment 1.0 I was craving KFC. Since I was a kid 40 years ago, I loved KFC and have experienced a downward spiral since then. This time, however, was by far the... Frontier Communications - PAID BILL BUT PHONE IS SHUT OFF & NO ONE TO HELP ME Yesterday, I paid my Frontier phone bill to the tune of $480!
I just found out, 36 hours later, that my phone is shut off!
At this hour, the only Frontier people I could speak with were in Repair. So far, I have called Repair three times....
Nv Real Estate Academy - Top Notch Training If I say I have been to countless trainings over the years and it availed me nothing but empty pockets, that would be putting it lightly. Then came Ni... Schwartz And Naderi - The Best Criminal Defense Attorney-Arvand Naderi 5.0 My daughter was arrested and assigned a public defender. When it became apparent that our public defender was too busy and did not have faith in our... Nastydress - T-shirt Review from San Fernando, California I ordered a blouse that did not arrive to the dimensions advertised, Customer Service did not respond at all. I submitted a formal complaint about thi... Straight Talk Wireless - Sudden deactivation 1.5 I have had Straighttalk for about 4 years, with no problem. They just received payment 2 weeks ago. Last night the phone worked great. Today I attempt... 21st Century Insurance - REQUEST FOR REPAIR INSTEAD OF SALVEGE Attn. Mr. Andrew Gleason


Gentlemen February 26, 2016