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FITBIT DOES NOT STAND BEHIND ITS PRODUCT 1.9 I purchased a fitbit HR in 2015. by 2016 it was dead. they sent me a new fitbit hr. it died in 2017. when i called them and even spoke to the... Directv - What a night mare What a nightmare is an understatement. You can't get TV but they want their money on time. People come out and it still don't work, because they... Directv - Screwed out of watching Star Trek Discovery 3.0 Wanted to watch Star Trek Discovery, looked very hard to find the channel, looked for CBS, however it was listed under KPAX 8 - DTV Guide stated the... Directv - Lying Salespeople 1.0 DirecTV sold me the NFL package saying that it included the Redzone channels, blah, blah, blah etc. WRONG, the Redzone channel is property of the NFL... Directv - Sales Representative Lied Regarding Sales Offer 1.0 On 9-14-17, I was approached by a Direct TV sales representative, offering promotional sales for service. Since I had Uverse service and was looking... Directv - Stay away 1.5 My promo ended so I call and get A new promo to keep my bill down where it was the guy gives me A new promo which was A good one and then I get a... Directv - I switched to Direct TV about six months ago because I would receive more channels. Well, now Direct TV and my Channel 13 are in a dispute. Have not have Channel 13 for two weeks. I 3.2 WHY am I still paying the same amount on statement (bill) and not getting Channel 13 (Indianapolis)? I do watch various shows and the news on this... Directv - Horrible horrible customer service 1.0 Few issues, 1st I have 2 accounts, 1 of them has a large credit balance due to overcharges, i callec to have a portion of credit transferred to my...