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Enterprise Rent A Car - Out of the area 2.1 Try to rent a car. Do not know the area and when we called for a pick up they told us that we were out of their "area". How was the consumer to know... Bulbhead - Not what they say 1.0 went on line to order. then started to look @ other things they had. when I ordered the paper said call now and get 20.00 of. well needless to say... NO $10.00 web site Went to 5 different web sites and none was the correct one. I hope the Red Copper Pan is better than your marketing department. Now I... Empire Today - Flooring Installation Review from San Clemente, California Had laminate flooring installed in three areas.Now it is curling and buckling in numerous areas.Called and complained.They are sending crew out to... Life-threatening rental through AirBnB; now being ignored by AirBnB after numerous promises to help 1.0 To Whom it may Concern,
I hope you can help me.
I had an incredibly horrific experience staying in a house I rented through AirBnB. That experience...
Green Smoke - Is someone purposefully trying to destroy this (once great) company? Having been a regular customer for many years, I am appalled at the present state of this company - from the quality of the product to the barely-exis... Sleep Number - With one exception, great bed. Horrible customer service. 2.3 My wife and I replaced a 15 year old non adjustable Sleep Number bed with a split top adjustable model. Split top means both sides can allegedly (more... Yelp Scams 1.2 Yelp calls businesses repeatedly. Sales people make promises they know they can't deliver. "We will build a website page for you. We will have our...