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Vca Animal Hospital - VCA is the Worst of the worst. 1.5 I took my 16 week old kitten in for x-rays for an obvious broken hind leg. The VCA Vet showed me three x-rays he'd taken and then said the kitten... Tivo - BOLT is junk 1.5 I've been a loyal TIVO owner since the company's founding. When my #3 DVR broke down I replaced it with a BOLT. I won't detail the problems I had... Office Depot - Lazy employees I called the San Carlos store in Ca and spoke to customer service regarding if they had a certain product in stock before I drove 15 minutes to the... Tivo has gone downhill 1.5 I have had the same problem since September with the Romio Pro. One of the many tech support people acknowledged that a firmware update caused a lot... FedEx Lies I was at home working. Expected the package. FedEx website stated "out for delivery". I knew it would be delivered shortly. In a couple of hours, I ch... Cheapoair - You get what you pay for "Cheap" is their Name They are nice but what they don't tell you is that you can't get your seats booked with them. Airlines they use hate Cheap O Air and best bet is to go... Resolved Walmart Fake Online Scam Offers 2.5 I placed my First order from Walmart Android mobile application on 29th Jul with Order number: 4821625-398194, since there was a promotion of $10 free... CHEAPOAIR is a MAJOR SCAM 1.0 The flight I selected suddenly "changed" on my receipt and they insisted that I made the mistake. This has never happened in my experience with...