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Icicles USA - Over charged me by $20!!! What the ***. 1.9 Was at laguna seca. I feel in love with the punk pair. Very light weight and comfortable. But he told me 139. The next day i checked my account and... Fresh Express - A bit stingy with ingredients in Veggie Lovers Mix We just bought two eleven ounce bags of Veggie Lover's Mix. Supposed to have two kinds of lettuce, ok, there's plenty of lettuce. Also says it... Outback Steakhouse - Terrible service! 3.0 Left work (1/2 hr away from my local Outback) and tried to phone order in. Very difficult for "take out" person to receive the order. She wasn't... Do not switch to Tmobile 1.0 This company must be the worst I've dealt with. They will promise you the world in credits. One thing they don't tell you is that you'll have to wait... Banfield Pet Hospital - Review in Pet Medicine and Veterinary Clinics category from Salinas, California 3.2 I am a disabled person from salinas and I only wanted a one year contract and was somehow tricked into a lifetime contract I've tried to cancel my... Rite Aid - Prescription Refill Review from Salinas, California 1.0 I have been using the rite aid pharmacy for many years. The last two encounters with the Fresno shields rite aid pharmacy has been terrible! I am ver... Ds Services Of America - Alhambra / DS Services Horrible Delivery Service and Worse Customer Service 2.1 Here is a copy of the letter that I sent to the company DS Services. They also go by numerous brands throughout the country. Those brands all operat... Dropbox Unauthorized Fraudulent Billing I cancelled my account with Dropbox over a year ago because their service was unsatisfactory and customer service non-existent. They started chargi...