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Buy Belize's employee manual blatantly tells their sales associates to LIE to every potential buyer by saying they are "owners" themselves. If you ever go down to the development you will see that of all the thousands of lots they said they sold, there are 20 homes... Read more

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I told DSC to pay me for the wrongful act against my business, before I found out they were charging me over 500% interest on my loans,that I never approved. GRISSOM IS ASKING THE COURT TO AWARD HIM $550 MILLION IN PUNTIVE DAMAGES EYE FOR A EYE... IF YOU WANTED TO... Read more

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Civil RICO: Points to Remember we have and are looking for more information against Dealer Services Corporation, if you have been damaged contact Michael Grissom @ 818 749 3288 or e mail by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. Private Attorney... Read more

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Kaiser Healthcare California has not had as part of its "physical" SOP a hearing test. I realized this out of my aging mother's experience. She's been a Kaiser member for over a decade. Her hearing deteriorate significantly through the course of several "physicals". As... Read more

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I am a customer who PAID IN FULL for the "Presidential $1 Coin Collection". I have been receiving the new uncirculated coins, one each on schedule as promised. However, I received notification with my most recent shipment of the 'Garfield' coin that this will... Read more

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I had several problems arise when I submitted my transcript from a different country to their Culver City office (6133 BRISTOL PKWY, CULVER CITY, CA 90230). I call, and I get the same *** answer: "Please send it by mail, email, fax"... They drive you crazy for you... Read more

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Like so many other people I made the mistake of booking online with cheapoair. They sent my ticket with the wrong date. I called them to take of it and was told there was a $30 change fee. In the end the ticket cost increased by $300. I contacted their corporate office... Read more

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With Official Company Response

thought I'd try the system out big mistake! I had been in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks & never actually saw the airbrush kit arrive at my home. I started getting calls from the company threatening me with collections if I didn't pay 400.00 to them. I didn't realize... Read more

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We are sorry to hear about your experience. Your visit was to an Independent Store location that simply carries our brand of product. - The retail stores that carry our products are all privately owned and independently operated so the first course of action is always... Read more

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I called monarch grand vacation to ask questions about putting my timeshare for sale. I was told to contact diamond resort. Diamond resort told me that I needed to call monarch branch but that they could answer my questions. They told me that nobody is interested in... Read more

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