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Buy Belize's employee manual blatantly tells their sales associates to LIE to every potential buyer by saying they are "owners" themselves. If you ever go down to the development you will see that of all the thousands of lots they said they sold, there are 20 homes... Read more

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Waypoint Homes - Wrongfully kept my deposit
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I had been a renter for 3 yrs at this home and I kept it up very well here is pics of proof and they lied and kept my deposit for made up expenses. I am entitled to ware and tear once I hit that year but it was 3 yrs total . No holes in walls no missing screens or... Read more

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After many months of trying to make extra payments- I finally figured out how Prosper works. Because they don't want you to pay off your loan early, they make it quite difficult. If you make an "extra payment" on a random day, Prosper only applies that to your next... Read more

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Pbr Asset Management - Wedgewood Inc. David Wehrly Refuses House Payments Auctions Off Senior Citizen Home
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August 2005 I moved to a home known as 24XXX Cruise Circle Dr. Canyon Lake, CA. 92587. In February 2007 I purchased the home. In 2010 my mortgage company GMAC Mortgage sold my home loan to PBR Asset Management. David R. Wehrly is the President of this company located... Read more

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Kaiser Healthcare California has not had as part of its "physical" SOP a hearing test. I realized this out of my aging mother's experience. She's been a Kaiser member for over a decade. Her hearing deteriorate significantly through the course of several "physicals". As... Read more

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I am a licensed general contractor who has used many cabinet suppliers over the years. I have used cabinets to go in Redlands for multiple projects and have had almost nothing to complain about in all the years I've used their products. All the times I purchased from... Read more

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I just got off a 30 min. phone call with Protection 1 because a $260 extra charge appeared on my account for "services performed" and "additional equipment". When I first signed up on the phone, the deal was instead of a FOB I'd get light sensors --which by the way are... Read more

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I had an experience where Pablo Johnson was trying to sign me up as a client. He says he has at least ten years experience in this business. When I asked him about his background he says that he has a masters degree in finance from California State University in... Read more

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I am a Notary in CA. I was contacted by Nicholas Beagle and Melissa Meyerson on two occasions in July to complete a refinance application. I agreed on the fee offered, attended both signings. It is now October and I can not get paid for my services. When I do reach... Read more

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Frontier is absolutely terrible. Stay away, change providers or go without. You will be better off any of these ways than risking doing business with Frontier. I wont refer to anyone as a "customer" because you would more limely be a "victim" of their horrendous,... Read more

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