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Buy Belize's employee manual blatantly tells their sales associates to LIE to every potential buyer by saying they are "owners" themselves. If you ever go down to the development you will see that of all the thousands of lots they said they sold, there are 20 homes built total. The amenities they try to sell you on are hype. They have a 20 room hotel for unsuspecting eager retirees who have to pay for their trip just to see nothing but pipe... Read more

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To whom it may concern- I am a past employee of Hubbard Iron Doors. I can honestly tell you that the owner, Ron Hubbard is the biggest piece of work I've ever met. He is usually so wrapped up in himself and playing around on dating sites online or booking his next vacation, he really doesnt have time to deal with your concerns. Once he has taken your money, all your future calls will be sent to customer service and most likely go... Read more

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Like so many other people I made the mistake of booking online with cheapoair. They sent my ticket with the wrong date. I called them to take of it and was told there was a $30 change fee. In the end the ticket cost increased by $300. I contacted their corporate office in New York. Now you can too! FAREPORTAL, Inc 213 West 35th Street, Suite 1301 New York, NY 10001 Fax: 212-478-0325 The parent company needs to... Read more

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I just learned a valuable lesson in using Chase QuickPay. The service offers no consumer protection like PayPal for disputes between buyer/seller. I purchased tickets through Travel Agent and we opted to use Chase QuickPay as means of payment. The Travel Agent received the money and we received our E-Tickets. It turned out that the E-Tickets were never paid by the Travel Agency to the Airline, resulting in a cancellation of our ticket. No... Read more

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Aerotek is the worst employment agency I have ever been signed with. They never get me any jobs...One of the reps named Kiran is snotty and is not helpful at all. She's rude at times as well. I f you want a temp job, do not go to Aerotek in Rancho Cucamonga,ca or you will be real upset and still jobless. They need better management. non of the recruiters care if you get a job as long as they have one. I have been with them for years and have... Read more

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Pbr Asset Management - Wedgewood Inc. David Wehrly Refuses House Payments Auctions Off Senior Citizen Home
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August 2005 I moved to a home known as 24XXX Cruise Circle Dr. Canyon Lake, CA. 92587. In February 2007 I purchased the home. In 2010 my mortgage company GMAC Mortgage sold my home loan to PBR Asset Management. David R. Wehrly is the President of this company located at 2015 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Redondo Beach, CA. 90278 and 319 Main St. El Segundo, CA. 90245. Mr. Wehrly works out of both offices. My home was not in foreclosure or a distressed... Read more

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I had an experience where Pablo Johnson was trying to sign me up as a client. He says he has at least ten years experience in this business. When I asked him about his background he says that he has a masters degree in finance from California State University in Riverside. When I did some background research, I find out that he has never ever applied to a graduate program of any sort. He is totally being dishonest, not to mention that he... Read more

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I told DSC to pay me for the wrongful act against my business, before I found out they were charging me over 500% interest on my loans,that I never approved. GRISSOM IS ASKING THE COURT TO AWARD HIM $550 MILLION IN PUNTIVE DAMAGES EYE FOR A EYE... IF YOU WANTED TO STOP ME FROM BLOGGING YOU SHOULD HAVE PAID ME MY DAMAGES. NOW YOU CAN SEE ME ON T V... COMING SOON!!! TAPING STARTS END OF SEPTEMBER... I LOVE LAW, DON'T YOU, CALL ME IF YOU HAVE... Read more

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Kia Motors - Glue leaking from the back hatch onto my bumper!!!!!!!!
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My new 2014 kia soul has glue leaking from the hatch and down onto my bumper, and now it stained my bumper. I went to the dealership and they didn't want to help. They tried to just wipe the bumper and obviously that didn't fix anything it's still stained. I called the corporate office and their response to me was that they know about the hatch leaking, the glue needs to stay there it's to prevent rusting so they can't clean it. They will not... Read more

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Civil RICO: Points to Remember we have and are looking for more information against Dealer Services Corporation, if you have been damaged contact Michael Grissom @ 818 749 3288 or e mail by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. Private Attorney General, Federal Witness and Qualified Criminal Investigator 1. The Civil RICO statute at 18 U.S.C. 1964 expressly authorizes civil remedies, in addition to any criminal remedies... Read more

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