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Nova Development - Hurricane and house robbed, Nova doesnt support what they sell, even then. 1.5 I spent a while waiting for the online chat. For them to come to the conclusion they cant help me... so I needed to call a number 888 something. So i... Nova Development - Poor product and poor service 2.9 I ordered Greeting Card factory 11 from Nova Development. The download starts installing there is an Error 1935 message and the installation stops.... Aamco - SCAMMED my insurance and cost me thousands of dollars 1.0 On May 29th 2017 I was in a fender bender in Riverside california with my dogs and my husband and It was a holiday weekend so my choices to drop my... Waypoint Homes - HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE 1.6 MOVE IN WAS EASY AND EFFICIENT .... AFTER THAT ALL DOWN HILL FROM THERE... REPAIRS ARE SLOW TO COMPLETE AND THE PORTAL DOES NOT MAKE IT EASY TO... Waypoint Homes don't care about their property or the clients We were told by realtor that the front and back would be done on 6/26 no one showed still not done, she also told us that there not going to get on... Nissan Usa - Horrific Customer Service at Raceway Nissan in Riverside, CA 1.0 The customer service I received from the service representatives on the morning of June 1st was appalling. I was scheduled for a 9:00 am appointment... Nova development earns negative review 1.0 we have a card that says "thank you for your purchase" for a PC tuneup program 2016. The card gives full instructions for installation. It also gives... Print artis was good when it worked but when it stop working the support deptment act like my matter did not matter to them Nova Development Technical Support I'VE BEEN USING THIS PRODUCT FOR YEARS AS YOUR RECORDS WILL SHOW AND I'VE NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE AS YOUR RECORDS WILL SHOW , ALL MY DOCUMENTS...