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Poshmark - I have been happy till now 4.0 I order 16 items from a seller and I was nervous ordering so many but i have bought from seller before and been happy. She accidentally sent my order... NFL sucks, grow some balls and stand for the flag you cowards, will no longer watch Goddell really sucks what an ***, your players can leave this country You are the employer figure it out, go down the tubes you made the wrong... Buyer did not return full bundle and Poshmark still refunded her! 1.8 I just had an unfortunate experience with a buyer on PM. She bought a bundle of 2 pairs of boot both new with boxes and a pair of loafers from me and... Zazzle - Terrible Customer Service... Invitations with no matching envelopes 1.0 I've waited since I placed the order on JULY 22 for the matching envelopes to my Invitations, it is now September 6th with no evidence of Envelopes... Zazzle - HOW DO YOU LOSE A TRACKED PACKAGE 1.0 I ordered invitations, the said Shipped on July 31st. On Aug 4th there were supposedly in transit to UPS Canada. On Aug 7th they were still in... Poshmark - Buyers and Sellers Beware 1.4 After 4 weeks of buying and selling, I'm done. 1. I experienced being ripped off by a buyer. Bought a new pair of shoes from me then placed a claim... Poshmark - MAIL FRAUD ... paid for shipping> then arrive COD> won't reimburse 1.0 Ordered a dress and paid $6.99 for shipping. Box arrived and my 86 year old father was pissed it was COD.. I was pissed too but at work... He paid... Subaru Of America - Can't take the key out of the ignition. Carlsen Subaru can't help 1.0 2015 impreza, with only 14k miles. Driven by older Japanese woman (i.e. very carefully). In like-new condition. After 10k miles, the key will...