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Wow!!! Just lost a potential customer... Everything sounded so great on the infomercial and I was hooked until I did my homework... I am so sorry for everyone's troubles but without reading these important posts I too would have been scammed and had money loss.. Thank... Read more

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We were conned into a "FREE TRIP" to Hawaii - FREE AIR and TWO NIGHTS LODGING BY the Disney Resort Timeshares at Northstar, California. This is a complete scam. You must jump through multiple hoops...sending letters...sending a deposit.... trying to one... Read more

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Found this when I heard a radio ad for reputation defender the company that works on fixing bad reviews online. Thing is the company you want to work with is not There are tons of bad reviews about in... Read more

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Naomi, you have pushed me beyond my limits. It is bad enough that you banned me from the Immortal Geisha group without any warning and crippled my kitsuke hobby as I now have next to no outlet, but probably (It would have been nobody else. I’m not ***.) ratting on me... Read more

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My computer crashed. I have Carbonite and was able to recover the info. I downloaded my email addresses but wasn't able to move it over to my email app. Carbonite advised they do not help with getting the file back to the right folder and recommended I... Read more

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I just go my traps 2 days ago. I have never used a gopher trap before. On the first try, it tripped the trap, but no gopher. He not only tripped my trap, he also chewed my line off. I guess peanut butter got on the line. I missed him because I setup the trap... Read more

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I purchased my bed set from this Aaron's, Inc from Sunnyvale. Thinking of having a great experience and the quality of service of the products, I was wrong... When I thought I was purchasing a brand new bed mattress and bed products, I was actually purchasing nasty,... Read more

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After all the trouble and a direct 60€ ripoff from my card (no pc to protect) you can take a look here : they're still trying to sell... Read more

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Someone with my Social Sec No. went on line with a bogus drivers license, bogus email address, and got $3500 transferred on the same day to an out of state checking account with no connection whatsoever to me. The APR on the loan was over 200 percent and for some... Read more

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I have been a member for several years. The "popular" times (weekends, evenings) need to be booked many weeks in advance. Over time prices have gone up (member $60 non-member $120). A sign recently posted states it is "customary" to pay your therapist a 45% gratuity... Read more

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