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I found out on Thursday,July 30th, that a particular donation was not showing up on our site. At that point the fundraiser was up over a week and my husband who needed the fundraiser to have open heart surgery for a bad valve was feeling that no one cared. On that... Read more

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Terrible, terrible customer service. One month ago Simply Fit sent me a board (Order #56451 ) with a large knife like cut diagonally across it's face.. Whomever packed it would have immediately seen the damage. I emailed them with photos of the board, and the box it... Read more

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I used Crest Financial twice. I purchased an expensive mattress set and then a sofa. I was trying to build my credit so that I may purchase a home for myself and my two boys that I adopted. I made this clear at the time of purchase. The interest rate was 29.999% that... Read more

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Purchased materials for a fence and contracted through Lowe's for installation. HUGE MISTAKE!!!! Estimator came out ON 10/11/2016 and was very professional. Installer called a week or so later to schedule. Was supposed to be here on 12/5 between 10am and noon - so of... Read more

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Went to Western Dental in Redding, Ca and was told they would do this awesome job on teeth extraction and dentures. Had my teeth extracted in November 2014. The last 3 teeth I told the dentist I was feeling pain and she extracted those teeth anyway. They did not do a... Read more

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I signed up for Direct because ATT after trying for over 18 months telling me I could get rid of all my data overages for two DSL lines. I kept saying no because I hate Direct TV, because of all commercials, and terrible content. We don’t have cable or satellite. ... Read more

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I'm sooo glad to see that other people have a problem with her. I was an on-site property manager for a lady back in 2000. She sold the 4 plex I lived in to Sandra. She right from the beginning told me not to tell any of the other renters that she was the owner. She... Read more

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I filed for bankruptcy due to post-divorce debt I was stuck with, without help from the ex. Post-bankruptcy it is hard to get any credit, so all these prowler companies swoop in and offer you credit. I took a lot of the offers in order to raise my credit back to normal... Read more

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I am a cash pay customer, for my medications. One of my meds went up 25% since last month the other med doubled in price. I asked the Pharmacist why this huge price increase and he said he had know idea. Time for me to shop the internet for better pricing on my... Read more

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I was quite happy as a customer for over 2 years until I had a recent problem which is that I can call out, but when calling into my NetTalk Duo number a recording comes on saying the number is "not a working number". I spent about an hour-and-a-half with a technician... Read more

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