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Marketside - Blessed 5.0 Dear marketside I'm a valued customer love your salads one suggestion please when you're making the southwest salad could you please take the... Redding Police Department - SCAM- BEWARE RUDE & Unprofessional Service 1.4 7-12-17 I went to the Dark Side to check to see if it said anywhere -That "If they call you, you have 10 minutes to call them back" It did NOT. I... Western Dental is a JOKE 1.0 Went to Western Dental in Redding, Ca and was told they would do this awesome job on teeth extraction and dentures. Had my teeth extracted in... Lowes - Lowe's Installation Sucks!!! 1.0 Purchased materials for a fence and contracted through Lowe's for installation. HUGE MISTAKE!!!! Estimator came out ON 10/11/2016 and was very... Owens Pharmacy - Huge price increase on medications 3.0 I am a cash pay customer, for my medications. One of my meds went up 25% since last month the other med doubled in price. I asked the Pharmacist why... Directv - Att lied about data overages and Direct Tv sign up 1.2 I signed up for Direct because ATT after trying for over 18 months telling me I could get rid of all my data overages for two DSL lines. I kept saying... Incredibly Disappointed with Crest Financial 1.0 I used Crest Financial twice. I purchased an expensive mattress set and then a sofa. I was trying to build my credit so that I may purchase a home... North American Hunting Club - Magazines Been a life member of North American Hunting Club for years. I have always enjoyed reading your magazines. I have received no magazines since the...