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I recieved a letter with a plastic card included with information about the H&R Block Emerald Advance. Which, yes on approved credit, based on what your antisapated tax return will be, will loan you up to $1000. I brought all the information and papers needed to my H&R... Read more

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I got call from tenant that water heater quit working and the oven does not work. I tell the tenant the chances of two appliances going out at one time would be slim, that I am out of town four hours away, and I could not be there till morning. I drive four hours from... Read more

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Just because someone can answer the phone, doesn't mean they should. The women in the Placerville office. . .Tanya or something like it, was one of the worse customer service representatives I've encountered. After 8 days of waiting for gas to be delivered I called the... Read more

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Empire Today Laminate Flooring Review from Placerville, California
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Dear Becky, We want to ensure that all your concerns were addressed. Please direct any unanswered questions to Thank you. Read more

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I Was issued a $68.00 credit from Paypal. This transaction was a result of a refund the seller provided to me due to the wrong item being sent. Paypals policy is to credit the account or credit card that was used to facilitate the purchase of the item. The refund to... Read more

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My wife was following a Terminix vehicle and the Terminix vehicle hit a 2 x 6 x 3 foot piece of wood causing damage to the front end of her car following them. Both vehicles pulled over and then the Terminix vehicle pulled away and left the scene. After calling the... Read more

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I'm pretty sure no one falls for this, but you never know. People have to read and think about what their telling you.

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I have researched on line counties and Google you can find all the info online. I paid a big amount to them, to find out I already knew the answers. it taught me nothing new. If you look hard and put in the time its all out there for free. If you want a short cut you... Read more

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Dear Faustina, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. In addition to our exclusive promotional package, BookVIP affords customers the opportunity to make reservations through a number of other travel sites such as Expedia via our website as a comparison tool,... Read more

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Good advice Yes there are many glowing testimonials on Lynda's web site and I am one of them. Met Lynda through ad in February 2014 when I was 70 years old, didn't start to ride till 66 yeas old. Bad experiences and serious injuries due to my being totally green... Read more

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