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Charter Communications - Bad Customer Service - Spectrum Stores 2.3 Bad customer service at some of Spectrum stores in SGV area stinks. They have been rude, sarcastic, Ill tempered, and most recently there was a rude,... Hertz Claim Management - Hertz are pieces of *** liars 1.0 their full of *** and eises is nothing but a scam/fraud company I will sue hertz as of today and making sure this goes viral and on mainstream. 4... Sears Home Services - Warning warning poor serv installation and repair Department 1.0 They just don't care.. they don't carry the right hoses for the dryer ??? That they sold us ... going on the 4th visit .. talked to a managers ..they... Green Dot Corporation - Refunding 1.0 Would not allow a refund on card after card account was closed, BUT they still have all of my account information. They wouldnt send a check for the... Binder And Binder - They ruin my life 1.0 I had a torn up shoulder the first time in court we didnt know how bad it was the dr was the worst so second dr knew what the problem was i had bone... Pennymac - Cheating clients and consumers 1.0 I am in middle of filing a class action lawsuit on Penny Mac for illegal business practices, fraud, violation of consumer rights . The federal... Green Dot Corporation - With held access to funds 1.0 I have a Walmart prepaid money card I went on the website and personalized my card. I had my taxes sent to the card on 02/22/2017 in the amount of... dissapointed in 2016 buick verano 2.3 Bought new buick verano 22miles from Thorson buick dealer in Pasadena California after one day car had issue with transmission and gearshift knob car...