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Gobank - Fraud 1.0 I received a debit Master Card from GoBank checking account but I never opened an account with this company. I called the phone number listed on the... Green Dot Corporation - Got completely ripped off 1.4 In 2013 I was traveling for work I was in Southern Colorado working for 7 days when I come to notice there were multiple charges on my account from... Bevmo - Jessie G. at the South Pasadena location 3.6 I always have pleasant experiences when shopping at Bevmo. Ystrdy, 9/28/17, Jessie G. at the South Pasadena location, managed to ruin that. She was... Hertz Claim Management - Seems like they don't want to pay the claim 1.0 Contacted 3 times, still no adjuster to review my car damage due to their customer backed into my parked car. Called immediately and created the... Green Dot Corporation - Green dot visa cards is a rip off 1.0 On September 06, 2017, I purchased a green dot vista prepaid card ($190.28 included fees) from Walgreens. When I try to activate the card the same... AgileBTS - ZBRAINS?! Agile Business & Technology Solutions - Expert Prices/Amatuer Results At Best! 1.9 Buyer Beware!! Agile Business & Technology Solutions charged us about $16,000 in April of 2017 for a custom CRM solution that has still not been... Charter Communications - Bad Customer Service - Spectrum Stores 2.3 Bad customer service at some of Spectrum stores in SGV area stinks. They have been rude, sarcastic, Ill tempered, and most recently there was a rude,... Hertz Claim Management - Hertz are pieces of *** liars 1.0 their full of *** and eises is nothing but a scam/fraud company I will sue hertz as of today and making sure this goes viral and on mainstream. 4...