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Gathering from the reviews I read below, lot of people are totally dismayed about the devious business practices of HSI. Today one of their infomercials popped up on my computer screen. The are so blatantly obtuse in their rhetoric, referring to President Obama as... Read more

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Applied for credit with Rise... No where was it clearly stated that my payment would be based on my pay from my job and quite frankly I don't see what that has to do with anything anyway. I was under the impression I would have monthly payments, I used the money to get... Read more

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Worst place to live ever! Do not rent any Greystar managed properties. Holly street apts in Pasadena, CA has the worst management team ever assembled in the history of mankind. Stephanie should be fired immediately for gross incompetence. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT... Read more

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I have a Walmart prepaid money card I went on the website and personalized my card. I had my taxes sent to the card on 02/22/2017 in the amount of 3714.02. When I personalized my card they sent me a whole new account which I did not know. I contacted them because it... Read more

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I am beyond dissatisfied, frustrated and angry. 5+ months of phone calls, being on hold, re-telling my story, etc. The level of incompetence and disregard for the customer. They bounced us around hoping we'd be so frustrated we would give up. I hope ATT monitors these... Read more

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The NFL used to be a product I wanted to support. But, given the stance of the league on the national anthem, I'd like to return all my NFL related merchandise for a refund. This is a severely tarnished brand that has taken a new direction that my family and I can... Read more

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GoAnimate has been deleting all of the features from their website that customers like the most, such as Comedy World, Little Peepz, Cartoon clasiccs, and more themes. Instead, they give us a bad theme called "business friendly" which sucks because you cannot move... Read more

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Buyer Beware! Pueblo Bonito timeshares are a rip off. The timeshare sales people are *** artists of the highest caliber. The "high pressure closer" Cyndi Gantka Johnson made it sound as if I would be getting these wonderful benefits, lots of time, great room. ... Read more

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I bought four prepaid VISA"s -$100 each for my employees They now have to provide personal information to you. This money was intended to be a gift. My employess was told that unless she provided a bith date and social security number there was nothing that could be... Read more

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Bought new buick verano 22miles from Thorson buick dealer in Pasadena California after one day car had issue with transmission and gearshift knob car is slugish knob is loose, and dic menus are missing along with intelilink took back to dealer just to have management... Read more

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