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Houzz - Horrible Customer Service! 2.3 Houzz has great items for sale. Their shipping was great, but if you have any issues, standby! I ordered some home décor and when one of the items... Checkpeople - Scam, shady business practices We needed to do a background check on someone that was supposed. The fee was supposed to be $1, but ended up getting charged that plus $1.95 without... Tophatter - Top hatter - Not good for anybody 1.0 I started bidding at top hatter back in 2015 and Some of the items I received were acceptable, others were just ***. I decided to start selling my... Tophatter - Thieves! 1.0 This site sold 4 of my items, once I mailed them and they were scanned at the Post office they said they cancelled the orders. So now the get to keep... Tophatter - HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ITEM I ORDERED A WEDDING RING ON THE 16TH OF AUG. SITE INDICATED I WOULD RECEIVE IT ON THE 25TH OF AUG. AS OF NOW I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ITEM AND YES, MY... Houzz and LODESO are a complete nightmare My living room set (Chisholm) was ordered and confirmed by Houzz on 20 July. On July 26th I received a shipment confirmation with a tracking number.... Tophatter - Same stuff on Ebay from China sellers Looking at the items for sale on Tophatter quickly reminded me of stuff...exactly the same stuff,same photos of said stuff on ebay from multiple... Tophatter - Why my order that i won it when back to original destination? iwon 2items on this auction tophatters app. when I tracked my items it said in already here in the united states and then I checked it again today...