If everyone on this complaint blog that is complaining about Ocwen would go on the Florida Department of Financial Regulation to file a complaint (OFR), they would investigate every complaint; and remedy the problems. You can also file a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office in Florida, they will investigate the problems as well especially if they have numerous complaints of the same business. Then there would be no problem opening a... Read more

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My father who was visiting USA had the Atlas America insurance. He had a cardiac emergency and had to be hospitalized and undergo a bypass surgery. The insurance did not cover a penny and chased us away to be on our own. They manipulate the "Acute onset of a pre-existing illness" clause in a way that benefits them. They use it to sell the insurance but when the time comes for a claim they do not accept it. They did not accept that my father's... Read more

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I hope whoever reads this is enlightened by it because I don't want this to happen to anyone else. This was the worst place I have ever had the misfortune of working for. The director is Ernestine Davis, but this witch likes to be call Ernie. She seemed like a really nice elderly lady at first, but then she slowly, but surely began to show her true colors. I felt the need to post this complaint because I skimmed through the complaints of La... Read more

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I received a notice that there was a charge of $344 on my Amex card from a company I had never heard of - Nerium. I immediately called Amex and while I was on the phone, another charge of $344 popped up from Nerium!! Amex is watching the charges, and if Nerium completes the transactions (if the charges move out of 'pending') Amex is filing a fraud charge. How do these people think they are going to get away with this? As if I wouldn't notice... Read more

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I live in California. Can a store refuse to give full refund on returned items? My wife first returned the items without receipt and received store credit yesterday. we later found the original receipt this morning and found out the difference is almost 50%, store credit received is 43.19 versus 70.12 paid. I went back to the store and asked for the difference. The store manager told me that there is nothing they can do and they will not... Read more

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Southwest Airlines - Bugs in flight
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My wife and myself were on Southwest flight 4084 from Dallas Love field(DAL) to Washington Regan(DCA) on July 5th 2015. We chose to sit in the seats 18E and 18F. After about 20min after the flight took off or so, I suddenly started feeling iching on both of my legs and thought its normal itching. Later observed a bug was moving on my right leg and got rid of that. Similar experience to my wife but little less impact than me. Now the rashes got... Read more

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Traders International. I am pissed with Traders International, well I should say I am pissed with myself. I join on my free will on January this year lured by the promises of easy money. There is no easy money especially in trading. The system does not work. The live trading results published on the web site are inaccurate (I have got a prove) in case of so called "24/5" room. The moderator in the "pro room " makes discretionary calls and not... Read more

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The Medical Board of California pretends to offer the public the opportunity to have a physician investigated and disciplined for substandard care. But in fact they protect their member physicians, NOT the public. I filed a complaint against a Palo Alto Board Certified doctor who did the wrong surgery on me. This *** operated on 20 of the wrong parts, including the wrong leg. This is battery. He caused so much damage to my knees and other... Read more

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I am so glad I check reviews! I do not know what kind of business plan was put forth, but this looks like a great idea gone south. I would have loved to order clothes for temporary use. I am having weight issues and thought this would be a good thing for me, someone who does not appreciate being a size 14 and who plans to get back to a 10 as quickly as possible. It is bad enough to have dissatisfied customers, but, to then not have good customer... Read more

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I have a 2006 Honda Civic EX I bought new and it has always been maintained at HONDA with 85,000 , miles and it it the shop with a cracked block and no explamation why it sudenly overheated.... and they have offered to pay for 50% of the cost. eventhough its not under warrenty, I think they should pay 100% And give me a 12 month warranty on a new Honda Block/engine....I will be calling the Corp. office today as soon as they open there doors this... Read more

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