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My father who was visiting USA had the Atlas America insurance. He had a cardiac emergency and had to be hospitalized and undergo a bypass surgery. The insurance did not cover a penny and chased us away to be on our own. They manipulate the "Acute onset of a... Read more

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I won a bid on a ring and never received it. All I get is that it was delivered and I am suppose to check with the delivery people, post office etc. As a person that uses fed ex or the mail I have all the information to supply the company that was suppose to deliver my... Read more

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I have never felt compelled to write a bad review for any company, however my experience was so infuriating and shocking I feel the need to warn others and possibly save them from this experience. This is the first time I purchased from HOUZZ and I will never purchase... Read more

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I loved shopping on tophatter but the fact that you can not contact anyone by phone is bad customer service. I was recently cut off from tophatter due to a mistake letting my brother-inlaw order from my account later when his credit card came in he had forgotten and... Read more

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I am so glad I check reviews! I do not know what kind of business plan was put forth, but this looks like a great idea gone south. I would have loved to order clothes for temporary use. I am having weight issues and thought this would be a good thing for me, someone... Read more

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LVP ID: 16-V0018 On October 30, 2016, Complainant submitted a complaint in accordance with the Legitimacy Verification Program (“LVP”). The complaint alleged, in part, that posts 796587 and 915223 (the “Posts”) were in violation of Pissed Consumer’s Terms of Use. ... Read more

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I recently opened a paypal account to complete a sale of a vehicle but unknown to me was you should not use a screen name to open an account but paypal says nothing about that in its terms and conditions well the buyer deposits cash into my account and the many... Read more

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According, looking to see if my order were delivered, it shows that it was delivered on April 13, 2017 at 10:38 am. That is NOT TRUE. I ordered these shoes to go with an outfit of mines to go to a special occasion. I am waiting for them and then I read this, it was... Read more

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I would canceled because they would say I was bidding on something I wasn't and I would cancel and you couldn't play anymore for 24 hours this happened to me about a dozen time. Then they would send me trash with no instructions and think I could get it to work. They... Read more

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I ordered earrings that looked nice on site. Bought them with a high shipping price that was way over what they said. I received earrings and I wanted to cry. The bid was at 27.00 plus the 13.00 shipping . Earrings did not look like the ones I was bidding on. Earrings... Read more

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