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My father who was visiting USA had the Atlas America insurance. He had a cardiac emergency and had to be hospitalized and undergo a bypass surgery. The insurance did not cover a penny and chased us away to be on our own. They manipulate the "Acute onset of a... Read more

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First transactions: Canon Pixma 2525 was pictured, bid upon, won, and paid for twice. I received two Canon Pixma 2522 instead of 2525. Received model was lesser in value and not what paid for. Complained + was sent return shipping label + refund. Satisfactory but... Read more

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I have never felt compelled to write a bad review for any company, however my experience was so infuriating and shocking I feel the need to warn others and possibly save them from this experience. This is the first time I purchased from HOUZZ and I will never purchase... Read more

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Was happy customer for almost 8 weeks., initially using a Visa gift card, then later using AmEx. Recently made 2 small purchases (total approx $15) were immediately cancelled. Contacted Customer Support and was told my credit card was rejected. Today I attempted... Read more

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I have "WON" a number of Tophatter auctions, BEFORE realising that I had been smacked with absolutely shocking postal costs. This practice makes a mockery of winning the auction. Example: I bid on what I believed to be a rose bush. The $34 dollars postage I didn't... Read more

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I was trying to up date my credit card the only way I was able to do so was to delete the old one but when I went to enter the new card it wouldn't allow me. Then the 1 remaining credit card I deleted to see if I could now enter a single credit card it wouldn't allow... Read more

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Order a smartwatch they told me one date, then they told me that it was delivered much earlier. It hasn't arrived and then the stated online that the USPS said it was. Well, that's what they claim. Very disappointed and now I don't know, what to do. Trying to get A 800... Read more

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I had the same problem i tried to login and the password did not work so i tried to reset the password. i was told by a message that a password would be sent to the e-mail that you can use (a temp password) to open your account. So i check the e-mail and none was sent... Read more

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Dear Paul, We are dedicated to achieving our vision of becoming America’s first and best choice for installed flooring. This vision could not be possible without customers like you, therefore our goal is to ensure that all customer concerns get addressed. We appreciate... Read more

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I promptly received the product I ordered on Houzz. The seller was very helpful when I submitted a ticket to return the product. It was a large ticket item of over $1000.00. The seller received my product back with no issues and promptly credited the purchase. But they... Read more

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