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Nv Real Estate Academy - Incredible! 5.0 This real estate education is the best! we have been set with an incredible support team and a very thorough education that will take us to the top.... PSI Seminars is an Awesome Personal Growth Tool 4.9 PSI Seminars is a personal growth company. PSI seminars ROCKS! I am not a sheep and took the courses to find out for myself. I had a fantastic... Equity Institutional - Stay away if you value your sanity and money If I could give a negative 100 stars I would. Worst customer Service EVER. I am 60 years old and I can honestly say I have NEVER had such poor... JDate - Terrible Service! Never use again! Reversed My Credit Card! 1.0 J-DATE IS A COMPLETE RIPOFF.

I signed up cause it would be nice to meet a decent Jewish girl.

I activated my profile and then find out that girls can not even read the messages I had to pay to send!...
Nv Real Estate Academy - Well worth the money 4.1 I was very pleased with the bus tour. It was everything I expected and more. The Vertucci team was there in the morning before everyone and left... Nv Real Estate Academy - NVREA Bus Tour 3.8 I had a really great time at the bus tour. Nick was very kind, generous, and understanding. He motivated me and inspired me to take a chance to make... Alamo - "Special Car" category is not a Car! It is a PICK UP TRUCK or VAN 1.0 I booked a featured deal on Hotwire with Alamo for Orange County John Wayne International Airport in August of 2016. The rate was for "special car" c... Taco Bell - Triple Double Crunch Scam 2.5 So i just saw a movie and they advertised the triple double crunch-rap, looked good. I took my family to taco bell and ordered several of the BOX...