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World Financial Group - Review about Ffiul from Oakland, California
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FFIUL AGENT GUIDE SUMMARY OF CHARGES It's me Liquid, I post this not to damage them or to applaud them but just to have an official guide out there. I myself don't do this business, but I find that a lot of people here would like to see this but because they question... Read more

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If you were or still are a member of Kaiser & you had an appointment on January 19, 2012 it is most likely that someone else received your medical information on the receipt you were given when you pay your co-pay & sign in in Fremont California. I was... Read more

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I recently purchased a building from versatube, I also purchased the premium service for the delivery company to unload the building when they got to my property. The day the building is supposed to be delivered, I get a call from the delivery company asking if I have... Read more

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WCAP Financial - Helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams! WCAP Financial, with our network of funding partners, have helped raise over $500 million in start-up financing for our clients since 2008. We have assisted over 12,000 aspiring... Read more

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Hi, I don't normally write these online reviews or anything like that, but I had to come on and write this one when I saw that FastFollowerz was flagged on this site. WHY? They are GREAT!! I'm not sure if someone had a misunderstanding or what but there is no way that... Read more

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I too borrowed money from them, 2500 to be exact. I paid my first 500 dollar payment and I owed them 2600 after I paid! I said screw it and let it go into collections so I only had to pay back half of the 3700 dollars they claim I owe. This will basically put me... Read more

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Hmm a man and a woman just rang my doorbell. After I opened it they started telling me about they were giving a free salad away. So I said "free salad my wife would like that." So after a several minutes they had the salad done. They then asked if I wanted a free... Read more

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I find the hair product to be of high quality. My beef with WEN is that, unknown to me who intended to place only one order, they placed me on a recurring shipment and shipped a me a 3-month follow-up supply debiting over $90 from my account. There was no obvious... Read more

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UNBELIEVABLE WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL: this faux fur jacket looked so nice online and looked like a joke costume for a child once it arrived, totally plastic & mailing label said "100% cotton" ????? it is the worst. i am now waiting for response from customer support.... Read more

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Rented a car from budget, had to wait in line for over two hours to rent the car. Over 50 customers waiting in line and only one representative helping at the Oakland Airport location. Was told by Budget, I could turn in the car at the drop box as I would be returning... Read more

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