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Zenni Optical - Poor quality product supplied; Zenni won't provide full refund 1.4 The glasses I ordered are optically very uncomfortable and unlike any other pair of glasses I have ordered and worn from a range of other suppliers.... Sprint - Deceptions and Terrible Service 2.1 I signed up for a basic 1 gb phone plan with Sprint. The salesperson was sooo nice. He told me about all sorts of discounts and rebates. My plan... Warrantech - Where do I begin? Our 14 month old Kitchenaid refrigerator started getting ice build up, in the refrigerator section, behind the bottom drawer. 5 year extended warranty... Bidnip fail I set up a snipe 30 minutes before the auction ended and I lost. Nobody else bid on the item. It just said, "bid not placed". Really??? Gee, thanks fo... Petco - Trama to dog while grooming I took my little dog to the Petco Novato grooming room to have her nails trimmed. I was with her, and emphasized that she needed to be carefully hand... H20 Wireless - Faulty SIM cards: DO NOT BUY 1.0 I bought an H2O Wireless SIM card at Rite Aid. I tried to activate the card and it didn't work. I contacted H2O Wireless and they said that the card h... Best Buy - Delivery/installation problems BIG TIME! I just had a washer and dryer delivered. The crew of two left before I got a chance to see the installation (my husband saw it but didn't know what... Firmacare - Refund of $22.43/25% of $89.73 charged to my charge account I received a shipment of Firmacare as a monthly shipment that I was not aware of. When I called to cancel any further shipments I was told I would onl...