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When I saw the TV add i wanted to try this product and the price sounding so great at 19.95. I jumped on the phone and called. The man on the phone proceeded to try and sell me other things to make my total larger. I ended up paying at the end about 25.00 not giving... Read more

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Red flags. I always get a feeling when I am told I am a perfect fit for a financial agent. How can that be? I worked in medical records and majored in psychology, not marketing, not finance. I got a call from a girl, then this call was backed up by an EDD... Read more

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AppleOne - Illegal Employment Practices
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I applied for a job advertised on monster.com. I get an email reply from a recruiter. The recruiter tells me to call back on the number in the email (receptionist) and make an appointment. I do that. I email recruiter next day saying I didn't get documents the... Read more

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This pathetic excuse for a salesman was absolutely rude and hostile to both my wife and I. I came to find out this wasn't an isolated incident. My wife and I were shopping for new homes in Katy as well as in Sugarland, Texas. I work in SW Houston but really liked the... Read more

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Please read if you have children and are looking for a nanny. Search the internet for the name Julia Moreno and you'll see narratives of her behavior and how she hurt and/or neglected the children she was supposed to care for. You'll also read about how she has so... Read more

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Wow. Working in an extremely professional high end sales environment, i could not believe my recent REDFIN experience. Mike Demello responded promptly to my inquiry about a property, i wondered how many 2brs were available in a new complex going up on kakaako. He... Read more

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Hi my name is Justin Nguyen and on March 24, 2016, I along with my 78 year old mom went into Kia Motors of Irvine to inquire about a used 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport that was advertised on craigslist for 10,795. I had previously called to make an appointment with... Read more

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Newport Lexus - Overcharged for Multiple Repairs
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I went over to the shop on Tuesday and spent a good 20-25 mins with Justin going over the various repairs. He said that he would do what he could to keep the time down and that because the front part of the engine area needed to be broken down, the Flat Rate Estimate... Read more

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Prior to June of this year (2012), I had been a loyal Home Depot customer for decades, purchasing all the materials for three home remodels nearly exclusively from them. I kicked off my most recent remodel with a trip to Home Depot, and when I went to the counter with... Read more

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I have read the complaints posted here and quite honestly was quite surprised. We had our little dog tested and at first didn't beleive the results. After talking with their on staff DVM, Dr. Hughes, we now fully understand how the results were derived and why she... Read more

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