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Legalzoom - Waste of money, ripoff 2.0 I spent $198 to have Legalzoom file my dba and to get me an EIN. It took days before I got the email with forms to be notarized. I had them notarized... Eargo - Poor Customer Service - doesn't stand behind product 2.3 I purchased the Eargo aids for 2000.00. After about 3 months, the right aid stopped going through the different sound profiles and after several... Tupperware - BAD BUSINESS 1.0 I bought a set of bowls a few months ago. They are red, three different sizes. They look terrible inside. It looks like they have scaling on them. I... Intuit - Discontinuing Bank Feeds 1.8 I am seriously tired of Intuit forcing us to upgrade every other year by blocking services. They should have to support software for at least 5... YourMechanic - Car is worse, now they avoid contact. 1.0 I raved about Your Mechanic and convinced a single mom I know to call them. Not only did they charge $35 more than the agreed to amount for... Doordash - They got very greedy. 2.3 I've used DoorDash since they launched. At first, they were an amazing service. Unfortunately, they've gotten so greedy over time that I decided I'd... Walmart - Flu shots 3.5 my wife and i both had our flu shots this year, at Walmart she was charged 36.32 for the vaccine and 18.65 for administration - total 54.97, I went... Symantec - Price Gouging of Auto Renew Customers of Norton software 1.7 In January of 2016 I purchased the Norton Internet Security software package, online for $49.99. At the time I was added to the "auto renewal" option...