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I had gone to the fitting room with 9 or 10 items. I knew I was only able to take a certain amount into the dressing room at time so I ask the older woman that works there, " how many am i able to take in here with me?" . She said i could only take six .. So i took my six items and left the rest of the counter and asked " can i come back and switch them out after? " . She looked at me and stayed quiet. So i just went into the dressing room and... Read more

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We spent more than $1,200 for a paint job that had lifetime warranty and the company went out of business. There are still Earl Scheib paint stores, but they don't honor the warranty. The car looks worse than before. The paint rubs off and is peeling. The old paint started showing under the new color. I am asking for a new paint job and not money back, but none of the stores honor the warranty. I am more than angry that I was taken so badly.... Read more

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I got a call one day from a company called Travel To GO, they also go by VIP Destinations. They were trying to sell me a bogus Travel package. They guy i spoke to was named Tommy Middaugh. He said how amazing their program was and how much money i would save. I foolishly believed him. I spent over 1k to invest in this travel package, based of the word of Tommy Middaugh. I later found, when i tried to use it, everything he said was a scam. The... Read more

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I came to in n out at 1851 Indian Hill Pomona CA,today 3/15/16 around 7:00 pm. When I at window to get the food then waiting in 15 minutes no one care or came to talk.I called but they are ignoring me. That not bother me.. Until one lady came and raise the voice to me" do you still want your order" But I really upset when her said to me " I will remember your face"is that right to did that to customer? I usually come there 3,4 times a week, my... Read more

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I have been looking in the direction of Roku because with Frontier every month another channel disappears from my list on my original Verizon contract. Highest percent of channels left are infomercials and Home shopping channels. My on demand never came back correct and I missed the last three episodes of Outsiders, now I am not interested in reestablishing connections with the program that was free and on demand. If I want to see an episode... Read more

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Ordered delux bouquet for my hospitalized mother...cost $80, and recieved 10 carnations in a clear vase with cheep bow!complete rip off...called twice, Sent 4 emails with picture...they keep responding to my email saying they didn't get info/ would they know to email me? Never order from them...spread the word! Does this look like $80? Read more

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My wife buys most of grocerys from this stater brother about $500.00 a mth witch i will stop,because of a staff member and the store manager jim s ,you see every morning i all ways stop to get some supply to get me thru my day at work before i get on the freeway, i been doing this for mths then i ran into one of the bad employees and only one check open i have no choice because they are only concern about their daily task and not the... Read more

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On 4/3/16 my TV set box in front room stopped working, I called Frontier and advised of issue. No help. My Internet and TV in bed room went out 4/7/16. I called again and finally internet and set box in bedroom went back up on 4/18/16. I went into Frontiers chat room to try and get help. First person supposedly was trying to help and then disconnected me. I got back into chat and spoke with a lady who said she couldn't help but would schedule a... Read more

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I have a complaint. Ok it was time for me to get an updated phone. But I was still charged for the same amount for the phone. So I decided toget the $30 plan for that month. And the following month I was going to switch it back to the $60 plan. But I don't understand how my Bill ended up being $94 dollars. I this it was the people at the shop or something. But that is ridiculous.

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Terminix are a bunch of crooks and liars, yes all of you guys, everyone I had contact with has done noting for me, Ill give you a backstory, I first employed you guys back in 2014 for massive black widows, and flees from the feral cats in the area, I asked you guys to please hit my 8800 square foot lot, where most of the pest were habituating. for a year I had a tech who allegedly came out, but there was no change, pest were everywhere. I called... Read more

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