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WAYPOINT FORCED ME SND MY CHILDREN TO MOVE OUT AFTER 3 years as a resident @6580 Harley st riverside ca 92506. They lied and said the owner was selling the home. The next day after I moved out the posted the home up for rent but for $200 more. They have neglected me... Read more

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She is a very good psychic but even she says she is not 100% and that she is not god so if she gets a prediction wrong you can't really blame her especially given how many marriage predictions she gets RIGHT. There are testimonials all over her Facebook page. People... Read more

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The new "thinner" Macbook Pro (2016, with Touchbar) has lots of Keyboard issues. The newly designed Keys are getting stuck, and Apple store employees say that its a known issue. Beware before you throw $3,500 down the drain! On top of that, the Apple Store "Genius Bar"... Read more

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I applied for a high interest rate auto loan. Drive Financial approved the loan calculated a payment that I agreed to only to deny my loan based on the fact that I am being treated for a work related injury. I was advised that I did not qualify due to my disability. I... Read more

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About a year and a half ago, I purchased the Andis hair dryer. After about a year, it started working intermittently, turning on and off. Finally, it stopped working completely. Because I was still under warrantly, Andis sent me a replacement. No complaints there. But... Read more

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How do we get a lawsuit started. This company is a scam, and continue to rip people off. The advertising is deceptive. I have filed a dispute with my bank, and hoping for some reversal of the monthly charges, which I never authorized. When I called the company they... Read more

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