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After finding my perfect car the dealer contacted them for me to get a loan of $5000 since I put a large amount of $10,000 as a down payment. They said everything was great just had to sign the paper work and send it in. Well after sending the paperwork in 3 TIMES because the lady named JOANNE SANTOS said it wasn't good enough and information was missing. Let me tell you my husband and I have never done a loan so we don't know. We expected her... Read more

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First American Home Warranty - Totally Blown Away by FAHW's Business Practices!
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I would like to join you in a class action against FAHW. The reason being is that they are falsely advertising what they say they cover. I closed on my house 17OCT2016 and moved in that day. The seller's purchased this warranty and it was transferred to me during the closing. I felt good knowing that I had extra security in the purchase of my 1997 built home, but was I about to be shockingly alarmed. I used the bathroom in the MB on 17OCT2016... Read more

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I want my number deleted from an ad that someone placed for a massage!!! It must have neen a typo that needs to be corrected!!! I am getting several calls a day on my cell from all different states!!! It is running up my phone bill!!! The calls i get are sometimes irate when i tell the people they have the wrong number!!! I was fortunate to have one person tell me that the ad with my number was placed thru this company and i have never even... Read more

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Very disappointed with Enagic!!! I have so far 2 kangen machines,SD 501,and Leveluk K8. The older model SD 501 was good,even though it was expensive. Levels K8 was given more expensive,total of $5.450 with tax, But the problem is that Enagic sold those machines,while they still in experimental stage!!! It,s been less than a year,and it’s been malfunctioning and having glitches.We wanted to exchange it for an older model,even though it was much... Read more

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I also received a fraudulent card from Netspend, and was so upset that I filed an official complaint with the Federal Reserve Consumer agency. This agency oversees complaints against financial institutions such as Netspend. I would urge everyone who received such an unsolicited Visa card from Netspend to file a complaint against them in order to stop this type of marketing practice, which can lead to and encourage identity theft. This is... Read more

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On July 7th 2012 I was scheduled to fly out of Redmond, Oregon at 12:50pm. I had checked in online the night before but did not have a printer available to print out my ticket. Since RDM is a very small airport with hardly any traffic I arrived 40 minutes before my flight and when I went to the Alaska counter to ask them to print out my ticket there was nobody working at the counter. I walked over to the United counter to ask for help but... Read more

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For as much as I'm paying for this so-called "full coverage insurance", I could be paying way less by switching to a more reputable company. They're a waste of my time and money. Read more

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Seacret definitely markets itself as a new up and coming MLM company with products with "instant" results. However, I really see nothing special. Being that Seacret began their company through the kiosks at the mall, most people had horrible experiences being upsold or with the sales personal lying to customers about the price. Not only did the company do nothing about it, they changed it into a MLM company to force up their customer retention... Read more

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