I did the study. The instructions were repeated in more than one way. To understand, it requires care and dedication. I followed the instructions and at the end of the study I got: 1. Choice of $20 or a month's worth of Progene. I chose another month of Progene and they sent it to me. 2. I was not charged for the initial test or the additional Progene I got at the end. 3. I got before and after test results at no charge. I posted this review... Read more

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First let me say I was just supporting my girlfriend on this venture. I was no way affiliated with the auditions(I would have been with her but they want 500 dollars per person just to stand next to your family for the process). After the first day is was clear that this function was extremely disorganized. I'm putting this very lightly because I have never seen a group of people that calls them self a business be so oblivious of the angry mob... Read more

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