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Rite Aid - Commen since 2.0 This is serious Rite aid labrea and rodeo I came in today to pick up my meds and i bought something yo drink with my FOODSTAMPS I did recieve a bag... The Ticket Clinic Stole my money, They lied!!!!!!!! 1.0 On 1/4/2017 I to talked to them in regards to my traffic camera ticket, after reviewing the video they promised 80% to win the case but they failed... Metropcs - Spoke to CSR about my bill service shut off anyway!! WTF? 3.1 My phone bill first of all got screwed up because i stupidly let someone else pay my bill with their debit/credit card and it ended up getting... First American Home Warranty - Angry 1.9 On 6/13/17, I placed a service request with First American Home Warranty to service my AC unit which was not cooling. A technician was dispatched on... Alaska Airlines - Outrageous 1.0 Bumped from our flight when we came to the gate , we were told that all flights close the gates fifthteen minutes before *** . We were NOT told this... Target - Bad return experience 2.2 I wanted to return a product I bought on January 7th of 2017 because the product is not working. The associate at target said I couldn't return it... Freedompop - Phone only worked for 2 months 1.0 I paid FreedomPop for service, even though they said it would be free. My phone worked for 2 months, then stopped. FreedomPop said I would have to... Tag Mobile - 2 months to send sim replacement 2.2 Worst customer service ive ever encountered . Two months several calls no help We will ship out immediately There was a delay til tuesday We are...