Free offer just pay postage for Advanced Skin & Skin Balance & Retinolla which then offered another companies product Hydroderm. I received confirmation letters from all of the other companies cancelled all future orders with all of them 4 days later as they were to be trial offers not continuous. If continuous then you definitely need to send confirmations etc... YOU DID NOT SEND OUT AN AUTOMATED EMAIL THANKING FOR THE PURCHASE WITH A TRACKING... Read more

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Moss And Company my nightmare in renting
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My advice is to never rent form this horrendous company. I have never had a more BIZARRE EXPERIENCE. Moved in and manager Mikkel Heimburger did not to give me reasonable accommodation for my pet, even after drs.letter was given, he harassed me until the Housing Right Center got involved. One year later I asked for a rent reduction and Mikkel Heimburger the racist got his buddy George Churchill Reeves to send me anti semitic letters, giving our... Read more

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I felt very humiliated and discriminated on my recent flight from Lax to Sydney. I was told that my seat will be downgraded from premium/economy to economy if I didn't change my shoes which was supposed to be a closed shoe, I did have a very expensive, elegant, closed, coach shoes but that wasn't good enough, I was forced to purchase a pair of shoes which was very expensive and beyond my budget from duty-free. To my surprise there were two... Read more

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I ordered food from Chow Now and it never got to my place. I ordered online for some food to be delivered from to my place. I just got a text from an automated number that my food was here. I go outside and no one is to be seen. I never got a number or anything to reach out to my delivery driver. So I sat around and waited for an hour for nothing and now I just lost money and time. I order out all the time and this is the only service that... Read more

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Do not buy a home warranty from First American, they will do whatever they can to not pay out on the claim. My wife and I have collectively taken 4 days off of work to be home for contractors to inspect our broken garage door and First American still says they need an additional opinion before they can fix anything. Our garage has been inaccessible for over a month now. Also, their customer service is rude, inconsiderate, and down right mean.... Read more

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Hello this is Priscilla I believe that I was framed this is not who I am or what I represent I never email my clients readings or spiritual life I have never met any one named Jessica and I have never said those words and if you don't believe me we can look through my emails to see when I do email people about anything you'll notice its all hand written and its different I would not be exposing my clients and there privacy because I never wrote... Read more

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I order a replacement pump transmitter in Nov. after not receiving it I called on Dec 30 and was told that it was shipping the same day and I should have it no later than 1/4. I called on 1/3 to get tracking and was put on hold back and forth for a period of over an hour only be told my case worker was out due to the holidays and that someone will give me a call back with an update. Well it is not 1/5 and I have not received a call or my... Read more

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The free returns are not free. When buying a suit online you cannot trust the sizing, so we wanted more than one option. They called to tell us if we ordered more than one they would charge a 35% restocking fee. When we ordered two sizes (36 R and 38 S) they got them backwards, even though I had spoken to them TWICE on the phone. They never sent the order until I called a month later (even though my credit card was charged IMMEDIATELY). The... Read more

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Ebay - Refused to help when product failed
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We bought a convertible roof from these people through eBay, it arrived fairly quickly so thought all good. Unfortunately, the window is coming away from the roof less than 3 months after fitting & despite having a "6 year warranty" the supplier refuses to do anything about this & says it's all because of how it was fitted. It had been fitted by a professional, and after having the roof looked at by an independent company, we know that the roof... Read more

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Moved in 2011. Shortly after the craziness began, I was not supposed to have a dog, even in the event that is an emotional support animal with a doctors letter and a qualified disability. The manager, Mikkel Heimburger, a Danish ex pate that is a skinhead and anti semite, said we had to move, and then along with his supervisor Rachel Pozo decided to say my dog barked all day and night. With help of the Housing Rights Center it was proved via... Read more

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