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Ripped offf by Astro spy technologies 1.0 In 2014, I bought into this, Astro Spy Technologies co. @ 2500.00+ 200.00 + 450.00+ 500.00=3600.00 2500.00 business and licenses, 200.00 GPS unit,... The RealReal - There Furniture Inspectors DO NOT their Designers 1.0 I submitted a piece of furniture several times which accompanied another piece. I was certain it was the same Designer. They would not accept it so I... Toyota - Nightmare Experience 1.0 My dealings with Toyota this week have been nothing short of sheer nightmare. Toyota knows there is a systemic issue with the break actuator assembly... National Event Staffing - Terrible business with zero professionalism 1.0 I inquired about staffers with this company. I contacted a sales representative and then he sent me their offerings. After reviewing them my client... Dealing with Casablanca Express 1.0 I won a trip to Hawaii. Paid the required fees, and when it was time to get booked for my trip the experience I had was TERRIBLE. From the mangers or... Direct Connect - So rude 1.0 Don't even waste your time calling them! I feel comfortable rejecting this company based only on a phone conversation. I just called Direct Connect... Axs - Horrible 1.0 Ordered Joel Osteen Night of Hope tickets Sunday over the phone. Gave my credit card number and was to told to check my email after 48 hours.... Carls Jr Restaurant - Why won’t you give me my money back if you got my order wron 1.0 My wife went to buy me a famous star combo with no cheese,and two chocolate cakes. When I opened my burger it had cheese on it. I drove back and...