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Today I sent this letter to the Rite Aid corporate office via their web site: I recently injured my arm and broke some ceramics exiting your store in Lake Isabella California. It seems that Rite Aid believes we will steal their shopping carts if we are allowed to take... Read more

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Yesterday a guy from suburban knocked on my door & told me that unless I transferred the account to my name immediately, service would be shut off. I moved here a month & a half ago & this was my first interaction with this company. My local office has 1 girl running... Read more

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I here that a notice was sent out about the magizne not beeing printed any more. I call *** on that.No notice was sent to me, and I am mad. i run equipment and dont have time to get on the computer all the time. I will send the lawer to file a suite against this... Read more

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I quit adding money to my account and do not wish to use your service any longer. When someone calls that number it either goes straight to voicemail or transfers to another line. Why is that? Please remove my number(s) and name from your phone service asap. Kim Clark... Read more

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Peak Life's reply to:

Hi there, Our professionals at the customer care center are excellent in resolving these types of matters. Have you reached out to them, regarding this. The number is on the bottle, give us a call so we can help. Thanks. Read more

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I live in Lake Isabella, Ca. A small tourist town. Vons is the only large grocery store within 60 miles. The long lines at the check stands is getting worse. When you have 20-25 people in line & only 2 check stands open people are going to become grumpy. I feel... Read more

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I got stuck with amerigas when they bought out everyone up here. They just charged me $3.79 per gallon for propane in summertime, and a new fee for hazmat and fuel recycling which we all know is BS. There going to make there mark on lake Isabella, but not on my dime.... Read more

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I ordered two bottles of nail polish (buy one get one free) Just pay S&H. My final order came to $50.00. When I saw that was the total, I DID NOT press submit. But the order processed anyway. The S&H on 4 bottles of nail polish was 27.95. Really! I called... Read more

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I never had a company steal my money from me like these guys. There professional robbers. I order a resupply in December they shipped me the first part was lacking some parts. I see they charged me for two orders I haven't even received one complete order yet! Sent... Read more

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No answer. There robbers without masks, and took my money $1070.00. I'm pissed, they won't be in business year end with this performance. I sent at least 8 emails to customer service there so overwem they can't answer. They hired a warehouse full of monkeys that... Read more

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