More Less internet dating site is that site a scam? Mate1 Notice is that also a scam? Just asking if it's a scam as well. I have always just went for the free basic service and always waited to see if any women respond.I think is a scam as well.... Read more

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If you go to get a reading from Janet, hold onto your wallet. Your first mistake would be walking in the door, your second would be giving her any money. Be advised, she is a cunning liar, and there is no truth in her. She is a Roma Gypsy, and a part of a known Orange... Read more

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I purchased a Panasonic Plasma HBTV HT-46PZ80U approx. 2 years ago. The TV was working fine until August 4, 2011, at that time the TV would not power up, just a series of 10 red blinking lights that repeat indefinitely. I did quite a bit of trouble shooting and... Read more

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I am writing this to let everyone know about the owner of The Hawden Group, Marty Kurner. She use to work for me a few years ago and took me for about $75,000.00. When she started her last office furniture dealership she was still working for my office furniture... Read more

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I use to work with Marty a few years ago at a HUGE office furniture dealership and I know she is a compulsive liar. When I look on it says, "Marty Kurner can be reached regarding “The Hawden Group” at 949-302-2823 or We have been advised... Read more

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I ordered two chips from Gforce. When I ordered with them I felt like the sales person was, well.....a bit of an ***. But what the hey, I went ahead and bought one for my son's Volvo S80 and one for me. As it turned we didn't need the chip for the S80 (so I never... Read more

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This app will shut down your ability to receive voicemail phone messages once you delete the app. I downloaded it because it was free. After they take 20 messages, they will tell you that you have to pay before they will take anymore. The also disable the ability for... Read more

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Ziprecruiter - Laura S. Balay posing as Hiring II Mgr for Fastenal Co-Fontana
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Attn- wanted to scan the 2 emails came today. Zip is alerting me to 2nd time Fastenal is viewing my resume at the EXACT same time the "alleged" Hiring Mgr for Fastenal is sending me, a ploy, as I realized having not received a phone call from her, that I requested on... Read more

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I'm Graciela Pimentel and I am a mother of 5 children. Being a single mom and having to take the kids to soccer practice,school etc. all mothers know that all this can be very stressful. I manage a hair salon in irvine for 9 years and all that stress made me gain lots... Read more

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My daughter and I signed up for the profile and we got a call from a representative with the number 702-901-0862. The rep said that a movie producer from Transformers 5 saw my daughter and wanted her to audition and that they never call people and that once she... Read more

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