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Sprint - Horrible 1.0 I am so frustrated with this service, it has been nothing but problems since we signed the contract. I was a loyal customer of AT&T for 10 years and... Procomp Electronics - Pc6Al 2 Cdi Box Review from Hesperia, California 1.0 Was told by Forsythe hot rod supply in hesperia CA. That the procomp pc6al-2 ignition box is marine capable. After 3 boxes and 3 times stranded out... Walgreens - Rude and incompetent manager and cashier I went to return an unopened box of cold medicine within two days of purchase because the allergy medicine worked better. I have my receipt and the... Arco - Payment by Due Date - Charged Late Fee I have an Arco MasterCard. I had a balance of 80.58 which was due on the 14th of the month. I paid the balance in full on the 14th at 9:43 a.m.... Fox News - megan kelly its time you fire the talking vigina megan Kelly we are not interested in her strident feminist agenda and her back stabbing of Donald trump we can... Wolverine - What in the heck happened to your Quality? It has gone to Crappola. 1.0 Well, for a Disabled person that doesn't get out much. The last 3 pair of light work boots that I have paid full price for. Has progressivley lasted... Charter Communications - WARNING!!! Avoid Charter/Spectrum at all costs! 1.0 OMG! DON'T get this "service!" Their customer service is abusive. They list a phone number to call if you have questions about your bill. It's rig... Planet Fitness - Customer Care Review from Hesperia, California 5.0 Love this gym!! The employees are awesome and very friendly!