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Terrible Terrible *** USPS redelivery sevice 1.0 I was not home for their 1st delivery attempt. So they "said" notice was left. No notice ANYWHERE.. *** local USPS does not allow me to pick a ***... Shell Vacations Club - Huge Scam This was the hugest mistake I've ever made in my whole entire life. I had just gone through a divorce and I thought this would be a great idea to be... Disneyland - Embarrassing experience involving handicap seating 3.0 I was in line for the Holiday Water Show for California Adventure. Both my husband and I could not stand for the duration of the wait and show so we... Bel Furniture - Sofa Review from Hercules, California Sofa and seat damage that will be are 3rd time going to bells to pick different selection we had to put up with bs from management and sale person... Cricket Wireless - Galaxy S 5 Review from Hercules, California 2.5 I had paid a bridge pay and when i went to pay the balance on my cricket it kept telling me my password was wrong. I tried and tried but with no... Cricket Wireless Sim Card Review from Hercules, California At a cricket store (459 s Azusa Ave. Suite B Azusa ca 91702) trying to exchange a SIM that they sold me a few days ago which is the wrong one and... Law Offices Of J Louis Kurtzer - Review in Lawyers category from Hercules, California Hello, Mr Kemper just to let you know so sorry what is happening to your family and hopefully the president of United States will get back to you Cricket Wireless - Phone Service Review from Hercules, California 2.0 I have been with cricket for over 15 years Now that they have joined at&t the unlimited plan I had is gone I had to get a new phone ( nothing...