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NACA is Testing my Patience 2.0 I started this process at the end of last year. I didn't make my first appt until I had all ny documents. Then first appt my counselor was late. He... Subaru Of America - 3 new short blocks- 3 new turbos and 6 front right axles 1.5 November 2015 had to buy new short block and turbo from Subaru Pacific paid cash and didn't get the correct receipt never thought if you spend close... Bright Now Dental - Waited to long to get what I paid for and no lab on the premises 1.0 As it is I have had very bad experiences with dentist and this one is no better. I paid for 3 crowns, upper and lower partials. I never got the upper... The OTHER SIDE of NACA Loans 1.3 Last March a new owner purchase the tri-unit property I live in. Ever since there have been ridiculous issues in which NACA and their " Hand"... Lazboy - Recliner Review from Hawthorne, California 1.0 Update from previous La-Z-Boy post (2 months ago) - after denying request that severe material wrinkling and buckling is abnormal on 5 of 6 arm... SHIPITO IS A SCAM BEWARE !!! CRIMINALS 1.0 Shipito STOLE a package of mine worth 700 dollars plus all i payed for shipping! After 3 months (now it's 5!!!) they simply could not give me an... Shipito - Very very bad quality of service 2.8 All went well until my 4th delivery, and then *** broke loose. After receiving confirmation for my package consolidation I ordered mailout... Frigidaire - Refrigerator Warranty Review from Hawthorne, California Paid cash for our refrigerator at lowes. 1,800.00 Freezer motor froze beginning of march. Now again. Frigidare sent someone to fix the first time now...