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Nine West - SLOOOOOWWWWWW Every time I have called them I have been on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes. I received someone's USED, OLD, DIRTY shoes in a Nine West box (they w... Tag Mobile - No service 1.0 I start tag service in March 2016. That time they were unable to port my phone number and they give me new phone number. October 11,2016 there was no... All American Medical Supplies - Review in Drug Stores and Drugs category from Hacienda Heights, California 1.0 My disabled daughter receives diabetic supplies from this company. They are totally incompetent and annoying. I chose this company because they were... Wells Fargo - Checking Account Review from Hacienda Heights, California 1.5 Wells fargo stole a small amount of money from my account $11.00 to be exact. Still wont admit it or give it back. Greedy, lying, evil, theiving,... You know what's worse than FedEx? No one! 1.0 FedEx is perhaps THE WORST shipping company, period; and today I just had another horrible (and laughably dumb) experience with them: So I order some... Biddeford Blankets - Controller light blinking on 2nd blankets bought... This is the worst electric blanket there ever. This is my second blanket I bought of this brand and again the controller light is blinking and there... Frontier Communications - Tv Service Review from Hacienda Heights, California 1.1 Problems: several channels got cancelled and dvr boxes don't work after the transition from Verizon to Frontier. We made multiple calls to Frontier... Rodan And Fields Distributor Review from Hacienda Heights, California 1.0 This company is a complete joke and makes true skincare specialists like estheticians and dermatologists look bad. You have untrained, unlicensed...