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American Home Shield - Don't pay for this service - horrible customer service 1.0 Such a disappointing experience! Our Miele microwave has been in non-working order for over 2 months now. American Home Shield has sent three... Directv Movies On Demand Tv Service Review from Granite Bay, California 1.7 Just got Direct TV *** service. To be used by a 90 year old. Watching movies, there is a continuous buffering issue that pauses the movie and won't... Dishonest DoorDash Fails... Do not use this service! Tried it twice in 3 days. First try the restaurant was "closed." So, we drove to the OPEN restaurant and brought take out.... I regret buying a refurbished iPhone 4 from Gazelle 2.9 The battery never held a charge, and I tried everything! I went online, I spoke to Gazelle, who told me to try this and that...all made no... Raleys Supermarket - Raleys Grocery Store in Granite Bay, CA 1.0 Am I the only one who has noticed a complete change at this store for the worst? I have been a local in Granite Bay for past 25 years. I have seen... Blue Shield Of California - Structured so that no employee has to be accountable 1.0 dealing with this company - I believe the initials BS were intended. Employees in departments that have the power to deny or approve only have a... Global Cash Card - Account Review from Granite Bay, California 1.0 Horrible experience. My poor nephew found out his girlfrind was cheating. Lost his place to live and girlfriend. Card was left there no way to get... Shuttlefare - Bogus company I cancelled my order on same day I did the reservation. Tried to call the phone numbers showing in the email confirmationa nd in their website but...