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Davita almost killed my husband, more than once. 1.0 2014 was a horrible year in our family. My husbands kidneys stopped working within 48 hours of getting a flu. After several months in and out of... Directv - Terrible Installation of Direct TV in my Home. 1.0 I do not recomment Direct nor AT@T. We have had nothing but bad service from both AT@T cellular and also Direct Tv.They messed my wifes phone service... Directv - Mid contract price increase 1.6 After 2 years with direct tv i was going to cancel my service, my family doesn't watch much tv and figured i'd save $120 a month. they offered the... Directv - Service charges and customer service 1.0 It started last month in Jan. I found out my atm card was compromised, so I called direct tv. and told them I had a new card because it is set up for... Directv - Lack of compensation for 12 day channel unavailable 1.9 Our local channels were unavailable for 12 days in January. These are 90% of the channels we watch on a daily basis. All directv customers in the... Hot Topic - Manager Review from Glendora, California 2.8 I used to shop at the hot topic in Palmdale, CA however i rarely go there now because the store manager has falsely accused my boyfriend and I, and... Directv - Tv Channel Review from Glendora, California 1.0 Directtv may have more channels, but when half of them are commercials selling something I don't count that as a viable viewing option. And the few ... Guardsman - Terrible customer service with a Supervisor Miranda My claim was denied because they said I did not have the paperwork back in time. That is not true! I have the dated envelope and had to return a...