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I shopped in Emeryville California Ikea store and opted for home delivery service. This store is about 35 miles from my house in Dublin CA. Delivery was scheduled for 01/11/2016 and I took time off from my work but the driver didn't turn up.I spent at least 9 hours... Read more

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Ordered a sectional sofa #Dekalb - We waited for 6 weeks, no update, no status. Horrible Customer Service. They promised a $350 gift card, but NEVER sent it. I called several times, trying to understand the issue with our order. The most frustrating part is that the... Read more

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Seems like this page was created for people to complain after they failed to keep their commitment. Many people do not know what the word commitment means they also seem to think it's okay to let their child make the decisions.

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Attempts to speak with customer service rep. has proved futile this morning. I am trying to cancel the Super Saver, yet have been unable to do so by phone and computer. I would hate to cancel my credit card in order to do so. They give you a live person in order to... Read more

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I booked an airbnb in San Francisco; the reviews said the neighborhood was borderline but not terrible. When I arrived there were people shooting drugs in the doorway! I couldn't even get into the space. I contacted the host who told me she would and could do nothing.... Read more

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Feb 4, 2016, approx 7:30pm. I am a frequent customer. I spend at least $30 each week in the store. The food is good. I usually call my order in, and then pick it up. They almost always have s coupon available for a discount. I thought I was a good customer. One time I... Read more

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Hello, My name is Liann Ho. I scheduled an photo session for my family on 12/15/15 7pm. I am very disappointed and angry about the service I received from your staffs at Hillsdale Shopping Center. My family of 4. My husband and I are both working parents. Our 11... Read more

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Purchased a sleep number bed November 2015. Gave it a two month trial with all intentions of finding the perfect comfort. Neither of us could get a full nights sleep. Not only discomfort in our back area but also shoulders and neck. Finally we gave up and called to... Read more

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I took this bus from LA to San Francisco. We left LA around 11:30 pm so I thought I could sleep. Nope, cause the air conditioning was too cold. I asked to turn it off but they told me it was automatic. This trip has been insane. First experience and already worried for...

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Omnitrace is a complete scam. They are full of lies. They took my money and never contacted me again. I emailed and called and only after letting them know I was going to complain did they contact me only to let me know nothing has happened. They then told me they... Read more

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