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I went to a presentation by one of the "unfranchisors". It was full of lies. They said it wasn't a multilevel marketing, he said no levels but I read there are 18 levels. Dissolved a styrofoam cup with there expensive fish oil 5X price of mine) to show better than... Read more

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In the past I have created seven photo books through my photos application on my iMac. This last book was a freaking NIGHTMARE. I am warning others NOT to attempt to use this product it is awful. 1. I spent 9 days putting this book together, there were more than 750... Read more

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I have had numerous problems with your system knocking us offline because other vendors sign onto our account. We have been on the phone with techs, taking over our computer sometime for hours to correct the problem. We've lost a great deal of time trying to solve this... Read more

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I purchased this phone through a online order which is Panasonic brand and the Model Numbers are KX-TGE210 and KX-TGE232, sereal number 5JBXA305905. I called the Panasonic company and I talked with one of their agents which was not helpful at all. They told me I had to... Read more

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Summary: Bullying Tactics- eBay linked my account to my step-sons as well as my PayPal and stole $104.02 from me! He visited our home and used our printer to print labels=EBay linked together, stepson ended up in hospital and his account went into a tailspin. I (Big... Read more

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Americas Tire - Damage rim
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do know anyone that can help me with my situation and can resolve it. I don't want to get a lawyer unless i need too. I was visit the American tires stores on June 9 to get my flat left rear tires place and also the right one. My appointment is was 10:30am and my... Read more

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My dad had put a $1,000 deposit on a very overpriced shower install. He passed away before work could be completed. I talked with the contractor about refunding the deposit, he said he would do it. I also sent a certified letter to Premier Care in Florida. Never... Read more

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Extremely bad service. Don't care if you live or die. Incompetent doctors. Will not pay for my medication that I desperately need. I have narcolepsy, high possibility of falling asleep while driving. They keep giving bogus excuses for refusing to cover my medication,... Read more

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Apple Care is a nightmare! I have the "Apple Care Plus". I started calling back on November 25, and my cell phone is still not fixed. I have called on 3 different occasions, and the person that takes my call just apologizes for the fact that my replacement has not... Read more

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Terrible check in my seat was changed from isle to middle seat. Check in person said she could not make the correction and to do it at the gate. Gate person said because I used a 3rd party (CheapAir) seats are not guaranteed; is a scam that CheapAir... Read more

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