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Lying Mortgage Broker - Wells Fargo 1.0 I went on Lending Tree to get brokers to contact me for a loan on a 2nd home. Wells Fargo was the first to call - it was about five seconds after I... Seiki Digital - Turned tv off now it won't come back on 2.2 My 2 year old 32 inch Seiki tv had been playing fine and one day I turned it off and came back a few hours later to watch tv and it wouldn't power... Seiki Digital - Seiki SE55UGT - No Picture, No Sound 2.5 I purchased the above Seiki TV for my daughter in Nov '15 due to I already own a Seiki SE55UY04 and have had no problems. Also, the price was right... Kaiser Permanente - Savitha Malini Sunkara, MD 1.0 Savitha Malini Sunkara, MD - is the worst doctor we have ever had at Kaiser, she saw my wife was sick, pre-bronchitis and pre-pneumonia and gave her... Teechip Hoodie Review from Diamond Bar, California 1.1 I ordered 1 hoodie from Teechip and it said that it would start the production of the hoodie after the campaign ended. However the campaign end date... Target - Horrible experience 1.0 My mother applied for target card approximately 2 month ago. "The little cashier was too nice for me to turn down." She says. Since then, she... Great Value - Why does vegetable soup have bacon in it and not even on the label!!! I bought a vetetable soup with ancient grains and thought this was vegetarian as it being a vegetable soup and no where on the label says with... Guardian Protection Services - *** Artists and Representatives are Frauds I have been in contact with Guardian the last few months trying to find out why my contract says 36 months agreement but their records indicated 60...