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Featured Do NOT order from eSalon!!! 1.0 I did, last year, and everything was ok. I decided to do it again... Now I am left in tears... My scalp was BLACK for weeks, and since May 29, 2017... eSalon - Waxy texture, color fine 3.3 Good customer service customizing hair color. Pleased with packaging. HOWEVER --After first try, seemed okay, but product difficult to clean from... eSalon - Customer Service Needs Work 2.8 I liked esalon when I first tried it out but the customer service turnaround was terrible. I like to stick with the same person with my hair just as... eSalon - Hair Loss 2.8 I've used eSalon twice. The first time I was very happy with the product and the color, especially the grey coverage. Unfortunately, after the second... eSalon - I use to love the color 2.7 I have been using Esalon since 2015 with no problems until now. For some reason over the past 3 dyes the color is getting lighter and lighter its... IERF - Best scammers ever! 1.0 I wish I had read this page before going there to let them do the evaluation, because the college I wanted to get into told me they only did business... Target - Same day return refusals 1.0 Purchased product in one store, decided didn't want it, attempted to return at another location. Return refused because it was same day. Argument... eSalon - TERRIBLE , NO COORDINATION, TAKES 10 DAYS AFTER SHIPPED TO ARRIVE 1.2 This company won't last, shipped order in 2 days, but didn't not arrive until 10 days later, too late had to go else for coloring. The accessory dept...