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I'm yet another CalPERS member with this problem. I've had an Anthem PPO plan for over ten years, and I've been taking medications requiring prior authorizations the entire time. In the past ten years, not a single one of my PAs has been denied...until now. Sure, Medco... Read more

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Arbonne announced that it gives 400k worth of products to poor and homeless women. Which is a lie. It uses that as a marketing tool. What Arbonne actually does is it sells these products to costumers (give to the poor!) and then turns the products over to the shelters.... Read more

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Wanna learn how to make money? First pay $500. Now, here is the secret info: Herd a few hundred people in a room and work their brains until they give you money. Wanna know how to herd in a few hundred people? It will cost you $20k...but for a limited time it's... Read more

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I got into an accident while doing delivery for my business. I reported and file a claim with CNA Insurance but now they are denying coverage. I paid lots of premium dollars for this insurance. If you got late one time for making a payment CNA will force you to direct... Read more

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By now there's little doubt that everyone has heard about Experian's history of data breaches. But what they haven't heard of is the lack of action by Federal authorities such as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission - and CFPB to Hold Experian and their CEO's,... Read more

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It's a joke! They want you to take a million and one pills! Who does that? They sucker you in, and set-up a payment plan, and then they throw you for a curveball, and hand you all these pills, and you are to eat a limited diet about 500-700 calories a day. I could do... Read more

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I placed an order with Lazy Boy in December 2016 for a sectional recliner and chair. Two week later they called and told me that the fabric I picked was discontinued. I chose a new fabric and they gave me a delivery estimate of mid February. I called the store on... Read more

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Regal Cinemas - Regal Costa Mesa  CA  Male Employee Damaged My Car
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Last year we got tickets to see Kingsmen prior to property damage to our car . We spent hundreds dollars over the years at that theater and were loyal Regal customers. We had bad experiences with the staff and made corp complaints GR Jeffery did nothing but make... Read more

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I wanted to comment that we were in a similar situation however we were still in the midst of the construction process. We provided a list of construction defects that we discovered during our visits and asked to be fixed as we did not want to deal with any horror... Read more

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I purchased a download Microsoft Office 10 from Redbox Software for a brand new laptop. After downloading their program, the program crashed my computer and everything became unrecoverable. I was never able to use the laptop or the downloaded program. I had to exchange... Read more

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