This company owned by the infamous *** Man (John Common) is selling loan mod packages and taking money from seniors and vets and not providing service or refunds...Please Google this man for info into his past and present scams...He is currently located at 14000 N.Pima in scottsdale arizona.. In march of 2009 the police and california attorney "Brian Colombana" had him shut down for fraud of customer funds and not paying employees..please GOOGLE... Read more

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I was very frustrated when I booked a flight through Cheapo air and was told I was flying from San Juan to San Francisco. Then I went on American Airlines website to get my seat numbers and come to find out I have a lay over of an hour and a half in Chicago. I called Cheapo air literally ten minutes after booking my flight and they told me that I didn't have to change planes so they didn't have to let me know that I had a lay over. Any... Read more

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Arbonne announced that it gives 400k worth of products to poor and homeless women. Which is a lie. It uses that as a marketing tool. What Arbonne actually does is it sells these products to costumers (give to the poor!) and then turns the products over to the shelters. The salespeople take their commission on ALL of these sales just like any other sale. Arbonne moves product, takes their commissions and then they can go on the Today Show and get... Read more

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I am a pissed consumer if there ever was one. I work off this site, humaniplex. I have had my account deleted several times and singled out because the owner of the site, or founder, Nik, wanted special favors from me and i wouldn't do it because he didn't want to pay me. He just wanted it for free and i felt like i was being terrorized. I have been working on this site since 2005 and have been well loved by all of my gentlemen callers, but it's... Read more

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A couple of months ago I agreed to pay the $29.95 to supposedly help my computer run faster. I was charged for additional money that I didn't agree to and since I installed the program onto my computer it is running slower than before. I have tried to contact customer support for assistance many times but have been unsuccessful. I have also tried to remove this program from my computer several times but it just won't go away. Does... Read more

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Gardeners Collection Online Plant Orders
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DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I made a order back in February 02, 2012 and According to their website they will send the order Items according to the planting schedule. Which was fine with me but I live in California which basically planting schedule is first on the list which was on March! I called to find out when are they going to send my order on March 30th and they took the funds out of my account on March 23rd. Their customer care... Read more

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I have been a Navy Federal member sice i was in the service, as it was the only option of banking at the time. Recently Navy Federal has received a bank Levy Notice to my account, put the ammount on hold but will not release it for some reason. Navy Federal has put my money on hold for a bank levy, charged me a fee of $100 dollars to put my own money on hold. AND NOW THEY ARE HOLDING THE MONEY AND WILL NOT RELEASE IT TO WHERE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO... Read more

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The closer sends you a customer care number and good luck ever talking to him again, until you're finally so frustrated you move the loan. The processor had no idea what she was doing and I have this in an email. You call into a call center like Att however Att does this better...sadly. The absolute best is they won't be able to close the loan last minute and charge you for that. Zero customer service. If you like babysitting and calling into a... Read more

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It's a joke! They want you to take a million and one pills! Who does that? They sucker you in, and set-up a payment plan, and then they throw you for a curveball, and hand you all these pills, and you are to eat a limited diet about 500-700 calories a day. I could do that without all the pills and the bills!! Then they put you on a body scan, and then they have you use a mouse to read what your body needs!! REALLY!! I am warning you DO NOT GET... Read more

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Wanna learn how to make money? First pay $500. Now, here is the secret info: Herd a few hundred people in a room and work their brains until they give you money. Wanna know how to herd in a few hundred people? It will cost you $20k...but for a limited time it's FREE but you must ACT NOW and read on. DISCLAIMER: The above was a reenactment of a potential income stream opportunity. No real people were used, swindled or injured. WARNING!: The... Read more

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