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Ashley Furniture - Durablend Peeling
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My husband and I purchased a sectional from Ashley and as the others have stated, the Durablend started peeling. The salesperson had also told us that Durablend was more durable than leather. We believed what we were told and thought the sectional would last a long time since there are just the two of us. In our case, the peeling began after about a year. Needless to say we were shocked and could not understand why the peeling happened. Bottom... Read more

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I went to the store during halloween month and was really packed long lines so I decided to go through the online store. Big mistake, so I got one scarecrow costume on clearance (unrefundable & only $25) and a kermit the frog (for my fiance & was $49.99). Now I waited patiently and my order finally came in the mail (October 19th), now the kermit the frog was a one size fits all but because my fiance is slim I figured it would fit. I was... Read more

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tom hubbard lets drivers leave knowing that they are under the influance of marjuina. my job dutys at bob hubbard was to power spary the trucks and trailers etc etc. a driver last month got back from a run i went to move his truck to wash it when i got in i smelt marjunia and saw it in the cup holder i told sally the hr person she told tom who then talked to the drive a few minutes later the driver came up to me and asked why am i making it hard... Read more

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I do not know if anyone will see my comment or not. I agree with ALL of the reviews I have read. I am about to return my "Samples" and they had BETTER NOT CHARGE ME. Although I am sick and handicapped, I can still put up a good fight! Just would like to share some of the MEASURES I have taken in the past to get things resolved:After becoming aware of any fraudulent charges, I immediately call my Bank's Claims Operations & ask them to... Read more

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Everything was fine until I barely drove it to the RV storage with no fluid in transmission. Transmission pan was leaking. Lucky it was repaired by my friend. Decided to remodel inside, found rat's nests in 4 places inside. Mold under shower base, had to replace the base, most electric lamps not working. Just found out that the fuel line for gas is leaking, all wheels need bearings to be replaced. Don't do business with them. They covered... Read more

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Americas Tire - Damage wheel
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America's Tire 2099 E Washington St Colton, CA 92324 Excellent service from Benjamin and Jon. They were very understanding and careful with the specifications on what needs to be done. 3 stars not 5 because of one worker. I believe his name was Robert (couldn't see his name tag well) he saw he needed to work on my car he screamed F**K F**k F**K over and over hands in the air then slapping them down outside the bay. When working on my... Read more

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65 issues or concerns for our brand new motorhome. 13 fixed myself, half still not resolved after three service visits. Issues addressed month prior to pick-up not fixed. Walk through completed after dark. Found more issues. Three month now and three service visits. Still long list of fix-its. Some done okay, some done half-way, others they forget. But all the service staff have time to complain about their jobs and how much they have to... Read more

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Premier Medical Transportation - Malfunctioning vehicles, terrible mechanical repair work!
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Premier Medical Transports are extremely unsafe and dangerous for drivers, patients and their family members. The condition of their units are extremely poor. I found out first hand on my own and from other fellow drivers as well, about the condition of these vehicles. As the son of a former patient, and myself a passenger, had I known the true condition of Premier's units, I never would have allowed my Mother to be transported in them. ... Read more

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I read some of the experiences about Express scripts-Medco. DO NOT have your credit card on file-- Do not pay online. I k+now it is convenient, but you should not do it unless you know the company is trustworthy first. From reading the other complaints, I changed my card online to a non valid #. I write them a check and mail it the good old fashioned way so I have a paper trail and dont have to fight with a credit card company later on. Here... Read more

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I had a same direction side swipe with no injuries and no citations, a no-fault accident. I was allowed to 'complete' my training hours and set for the road and backing evaluation. Problem is, I was trained in a 10-speed international for 6 weeks. For the eval i was put into an 8-speed Freightliner. The shift patterns are reversed. So, I failed my shifting eval. Next, i bumped a curb during road eval which is an auto fail. The next part is... Read more

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