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I went to the Carl's Jr on 15885 Dam Road in Clearlake Ca, Cashier Linda. 4/27/2017 at 2:12 pm order 323131. Linda gave me a chocolate shake only comes in 1 size and I received it full to the rim but it was so watery. Immediately I responded and said this is very... Read more

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had my oil changed and the guys must not of put all the oil in because it blue up my motor then them was calling and came to the house to take pictures and now i cant get ahold of anyone!!!! i had someone call one time and told me take to a shop to have checked but... Read more

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On 2-25-17 i had a oil change done. month half later im coming from work Sac to Clk and my suv smokes and dies . When i checked the oil it was bone dry. i had a qaurt in car to get home, my car is now destroyed due to no oil. So your responsible there was not one drop... Read more

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Walmart employee lied and said I had removed the caps and added water, too much water. He said acid was leaking out of both of my posts. Therefore I had no warranty help coming. The battery reads 9 volts at no load and 0 at load. I'm going to small claims court.... Read more

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Yes, my friend and I ordered a cell phone with a 6" screen (as a prime member) Amazon shipped me a cell phone with a 5" screen. I contacted Amazon and was told Amazon has sent out the wrong item and yes the screen size of the phone i purchased was indeed a 6" screen (i... Read more

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7-31-2016.............. 2016......I see bad reviews here since 2012. Not a good sign. So far, my experience. I have been trying to simply: upgrade my car reservation. That's it! Something that is very commonly done and done in less than 5 minutes over the phone with... Read more

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I bought a swim suit on there, I am usually a small but they said that was a size 2 and Medium was a size 4 & large was a size six. This was really confusing to me so I went with a medium cause truly I am a size 6 but I doubted I was a large cause usually I am a small!... Read more

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Due to AT&T (uverse) continously increase my lifeline- landline monthly- charge customer Service - could care less. My lifeline for low income disabled went to $81. From the cost of $10.00 and my internet was already pricey at $51.00 - so i disconected my only phone -... Read more

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In may 20014 i got a fix it ticket for res i got the ticket taken care of in santa rosa but 2 years ltter they said that i had to go to napa and they wat 140p dollrs

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Sucks hard.poor customer service Read more

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