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Carls Jr Restaurant - Watery Milk Shake should be called chocolate milk- Clearlake CA 1.0 I went to the Carl's Jr on 15885 Dam Road in Clearlake Ca, Cashier Linda. 4/27/2017 at 2:12 pm order 323131. Linda gave me a chocolate shake only... Walmart - Oil Change 3.9 On 2-25-17 i had a oil change done. month half later im coming from work Sac to Clk and my suv smokes and dies . When i checked the oil it was bone... Walmart - Oil Change 3.7 had my oil changed and the guys must not of put all the oil in because it blue up my motor then them was calling and came to the house to take... Walmart - Replacement rejected because my battery is broken. 1.7 Walmart employee lied and said I had removed the caps and added water, too much water. He said acid was leaking out of both of my posts. Therefore I... Amazon - Blu Products Cell Phone Review from Clearlake, California 2.3 Yes, my friend and I ordered a cell phone with a 6" screen (as a prime member) Amazon shipped me a cell phone with a 5" screen. I contacted Amazon... Allegiant Air - July 2016 impression of Allegiant for an upcoming trip 7-31-2016.............. 2016......I see bad reviews here since 2012. Not a good sign.

So far, my experience. I have been trying to simply: upgrade...
Att Lifeline Phone Plan Review from Clearlake, California 1.0 Due to AT&T (uverse) continously increase my lifeline- landline monthly- charge customer Service - could care less. My lifeline for low income disable... Net10 Wireless - Customer Care Review from Clearlake, California 1.4 Sucks hard.poor customer service