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Dhl - Yellow Square Back Truck Ran A Red Light. Big Time ! Monday, I was driving to my doctors appointment. Waiting to turn onto 1 avenue. Light turns green. I start to enter the intersection yet I looked up... Pacific Gas and Electric - PG&E And CPUC Are Criminal Organizations. 1.0 We are using less and less energy and our bills keep going higher and higher. I have always tried to conserve energy, and for the past few years my... Will never shop at Sears again because of their return policy 1.0 I bought five tee shirts from Sears on February 9, 2017. I needed some expensive tee shirts for a trip to Hawaii while hanging out in our rental... Netspend - Wont give me my tax return 1.0 after having to fax in my id, ssn, and proof of residence (took several trys ; too blury) it finally got accepted and the block was removed then i... Coinstar - Bass Pro 2.4 I recently learned Bass Pro gift cards are not being accepted from Coinstar at this time, despite saying they do accept them on website. They cannot... Coinstar - Fraud alert 2.2 I bought a Kmart/Sears card, which had been previously accepted, now says fraud alert. I called and my account is in good standing, the woman from... Dollar Tree Stores - Restroom Facility Review from Chico, California 1.8 Went in to our dollar tree store the other evening and like always the place was diry and the bathroom toilet looked like it had been plugged up for... Carid - Alot of dishonesty 1.0 Had nothing but trouble with this site on a 3200$ suspension order # 20075220. Multiple Changes to estimated ship dates which have all come and gone....