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I called twice about a Rx medication. The first time staff said "Oh" in a dismissive way and placed me on hold for a very long time. I called the other Blythe pharmacy, who was courteous, but couldn't help me. So, calling back to Blythe Rite Aid, I spoke with another... Read more

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ceva logistics are totally a waste of time; the san diego office sends u to lax who then sends u to las vegas; cannot depend on this company and their customer service people are lazy - will not pick up a phone and actually SOLVE A PROBLEM - NO THEY MAKE NEW PROBLEMS... Read more

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Have been chasing $25. for myself, a new sign up, and my neighbor, the party who referred us to Am.Home Shield. When I signed up, I called Sales after seeing info on the Referal Program. I was asked for my email info, and my neighbor's email info. Neighbor said he... Read more

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In a nut shell, ordered 2 Newave ovens for Christmas, was supposed to be at my house in 5-7 working days, called and told them that now my Christmas presents will not make it before then. Insisted that they give me compensation. After arguing, they only gave me 10$... Read more

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About 2 weeks ago I bought a membership with Auto Club Of America. After a week I ran out of gas about 1 and 1/2 miles from home. I called the auto club and they sent a guy in a pick up truck with a can of gas that he wanted $10 for before filling my tank. I told him... Read more

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I stayed in laughlin at tropicana casino. Never had problem .went for birthday went friday suppose to stay sat night but they said i didnt tell.told front desk when i checked in fri plus .i had already called two weeks ask if i needed to reserve sat night they... Read more

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I'm very up up set bought a cherry pie expected cherry filling it didn't have any cherries

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I tried calling customer service but had a wait time of twenty two minutes, my order was back ordered and the card said I could cancel but cannot get through, here is my order # maybe you could cancel for me Order#6918507, name is Patricia Morgan, phone # 760-278-5040.... Read more

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I pay $1.89 a pound for chicken *** at my local Smart and Final. WTH am I paying nearly $20 for two 3 piece tender dinners with microscopic sides? Anybody? I'm getting the equivalent of maybe a breast and a half...if I'm lucky. What a flamin' ripoff!! Why would... Read more

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I am a disabled vet. that was on my way to a new job, a chance to get my life back when I had a motor burn up. Utilized money in my savings to purchase Sure Fire rebuilt motor replaced motor mounts, u-joints, etc. expecting this to be an investment in my future;... Read more

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