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Western Dental - Cut my outer lip inside and out 1.0 I was at my dentist getting braces removed, when doctor started sawing off cement residue from teeth he complained to dental assistant how his saw... Stanton Optical - My $89 glasses was over $400! They scratched immediately! 1.9 I have glasses that are over 10 years old (not from Stanton) that I still wear because the glasses I bought at Stanton scratched immediately using... First American Home Warranty - Horrible Company 1.1 I signed up with First American, 4 days later my pool pump went out. They sent a contractor to look at it, he acted like he did not know anything... Skechers, Ahh my love of the shoes Ahh at their *** poor customer service. 1.3 Aprx 2 months ago I was treated horribly @ Sketchers by their employees. I have purchased over 10 pairs this year alone. Mistaken case of me being... GEEK SQUAD Horrible Service - NOT Worth It - A Rip Off!! 1.3 Horrible experience with Geek Squad. Never ordered their service, but was getting charged for it. Called them and let them know when I spoke to the... Nonstop Delivery - IGNORE THE FAKE 5 STAR REVIEWS- THEY'LL TREAT YOU LIKE DIRT AND LIE TO YOUR FACE !! IGNORE THE FAKE 5 STAR REVIEWS- THEY'LL TREAT YOU LIKE DIRT AND LIE TO YOUR FACE !! NSD cant read a map or address. my home depot cabinets were... Albertsons - Security guard troubles On the night of November 8th my wife was sitting in front of the store with our dog waiting for me to cross the parking lot and go in and buy dog... Jcpenney - Delivery Service Review from Bakersfield, California 1.0 Probably good mattress, but the worse delivery and customer service ever experienced.

This mattress (actually two queen sets) was ordered on Oct 6....