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You did a tremendous job with the surgery on my back and I am extremely grateful to your team and staff at the institute and surgery center. After 16 years of back pain there is such a difference and I feel like a new man, honestly. I am so much better and I have Deuk... Read more

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Who designed this new Yahoo Messenger Helen Keller? This new version is a step back 15 years. There is nothing user friendly about this upgrade. Why did you do something like this? This or was one of the best instant messaging program out here and have used it for... Read more

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We enjoy the Nash 23D and customer service from the manufacture is excellent. The quality can be increased in three areas. First the machine screws holding the outside lower grey trim to the chassis on the brackets are too low of quality. All the screws snapped off... Read more

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I bought a 2015 arctic fox 29-5t fifth wheel trailer, the wheel bearings were over lubed at the factory. grease on all drums and some of the brake shoes. I couldn't lube the shackle zerk fittings because the hole in the schackle bolts were packed with grit. the... Read more

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Hi my name is Christina N. Mcquiston, Fist let me start by saying I have read and followed most any and all complaints about Kaplan" formerly"( Maric) collage from all over the united states and from what I have read I believe to be undoubtedly true, I have... Read more

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IGNORE THE FAKE 5 STAR REVIEWS- THEY'LL TREAT YOU LIKE DIRT AND LIE TO YOUR FACE !! NSD cant read a map or address. my home depot cabinets were sitting in local warehouse for 2 weeks holding up my entire kitchen remodel. then they lied over and over again and said... Read more

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We went to Maaco to get an estimate for a paint job on our truck with a new color. We ordered the full package with the best quality paint and dent removal. Over $4000 later. Victor told us if we brought the truck in the next day (9/3/16) they could have it done in 4-5... Read more

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Best story - Late afternoon Sunday my wife and I were walking our dogs. One of the pool employees comes running up and says they just got a complaint that our dogs had just pooped on the sidewalk and we had not stopped and cleaned it up. We said nope, not us and we... Read more

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Bought a Halloween costume, came home tried it and discovered it is broken,returned to the store after 30 minutes and asked for another one, they said they don't have another one and when I asked for the refund they told me there is no refunds on Halloween... Read more

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Illegal telemarketing calls and horrible solar installation! Suntime Energy is a Scam!
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This solar company called me to install solar panels on my house about 9 months ago. Although, the person I was dealing with was nice person, can't say much positive thing about the rest of the people I was dealing with. They seemed not to know much about solar and... Read more

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