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You did a tremendous job with the surgery on my back and I am extremely grateful to your team and staff at the institute and surgery center. After 16 years of back pain there is such a difference and I feel like a new man, honestly. I am so much better and I have Deuk... Read more

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Aprx 2 months ago I was treated horribly @ Sketchers by their employees. I have purchased over 10 pairs this year alone. Mistaken case of me being someone else. I was embarrassed by them. Humiliated, threatened and even detained. Shame on Skechers for hiring and... Read more

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Who designed this new Yahoo Messenger Helen Keller? This new version is a step back 15 years. There is nothing user friendly about this upgrade. Why did you do something like this? This or was one of the best instant messaging program out here and have used it for... Read more

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We enjoy the Nash 23D and customer service from the manufacture is excellent. The quality can be increased in three areas. First the machine screws holding the outside lower grey trim to the chassis on the brackets are too low of quality. All the screws snapped off... Read more

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I bought a 2015 arctic fox 29-5t fifth wheel trailer, the wheel bearings were over lubed at the factory. grease on all drums and some of the brake shoes. I couldn't lube the shackle zerk fittings because the hole in the schackle bolts were packed with grit. the... Read more

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IGNORE THE FAKE 5 STAR REVIEWS- THEY'LL TREAT YOU LIKE DIRT AND LIE TO YOUR FACE !! NSD cant read a map or address. my home depot cabinets were sitting in local warehouse for 2 weeks holding up my entire kitchen remodel. then they lied over and over again and said... Read more

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Hi my name is Christina N. Mcquiston, Fist let me start by saying I have read and followed most any and all complaints about Kaplan" formerly"( Maric) collage from all over the united states and from what I have read I believe to be undoubtedly true, I have... Read more

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The lady bank manager at the Ming Avenue location is extremely rude! She wouldn't take my cc deposit and told if I didn't like it she could close the account on the spot! Not good customer service at all!!!

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I signed up with First American, 4 days later my pool pump went out. They sent a contractor to look at it, he acted like he did not know anything about the pump, he went off some codes and submitted the claim which was denied, they stated it was a maintenance prob.... Read more

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Horrible experience with Geek Squad. Never ordered their service, but was getting charged for it. Called them and let them know when I spoke to the rep at Best Buy I laughed when he said that Geek Squad is a "good deal" -- most people know that they are a joke. And if... Read more

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