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Do not usse Jeff kerber pool plastering. I had many problems with their work. They damaged my block wall, covered up my drain clean out, so you cannot use it because it is below the bricks. They did not put down a proper footing for the bricks. Some of the bricks have... Read more

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my friend says she's been a customer for 10 years posted let me try it because she said they're chemical free well they're not chemical fries they have colorants and fragrance is added anyway when I was signing up I made it clear that I didn't want anything auto... Read more

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Chelbi Harris is only 4'9 but she's a MONSTER, AWFUL HAIRSTYLIST, AND TRIES to be a MANIPULATOR but her speech is impaired so she's not quick on her feet. I let her go after consistent unprofessionalism. I called the owner Tash Jennings to let her know I was not... Read more

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Origami Owl - Review in Luxury / Jewelry category from Anaheim, California
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After reading the reviews I was very hesitant to buy. I took my chances and ordered 3 different lockets, charms and plates for Mother's Day gifts. I didn't receiver my email conformation but did see updates online when it was accepted and printed. Emailed... Read more

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Since Disneyland apparently does not respond personally to complaints, I am posting mine here. My sister bought a popsicle at Disneyland (California Adventure - Paradise Pier) for her 6 year old son. The vendor told her to warm it up before eating. She waited a bit,... Read more

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Florsheim Disintegrating Shoes
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After reading review #435510 (9/3/13) on someone having this same problem, I found myself a bit bemused. After only limited use, my Florsheim Comfortechs simply and suddenly "dissolved" as I walked from my car to a restaurant. No acids, no water, no unusual surfaces.... Read more

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I mistakenly agreed to a free gift from Keranique. I say mistakenly because they keep trying to charge me $80 each month for this supposed gift and I have to keep notifying my bank to stop payment and not honor the charges. They are really *** me off and I am tired... Read more

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I bought the mineral liquid foundation from a presenter after watching tons of videos on it. This makeup is so bad. It literally has the sheerest coverage I've ever seen. It gets super greasy within an hour and rubs off on everything. I even tried it with their primer... Read more

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Anyone out there have children under 4 who are afraid to use the automatic flushing toilets and their child insists on using their own toddler potty seat or toddler basin instead of the public rest rooms toilets? We visited Disneyland Anahiem today 4/28/2015 (Tuesday)... Read more

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DO NOT HIRE ELLA MAIDS TO DO ANY CLEANING FOR YOU!!! I mistakenly hired them for back to back jobs and regret it. They were to clean a house after a move out and clean a condo for a move in. The house, they didn't clean the ceramic floor tiles, all corners were left... Read more

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