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I bought the mineral liquid foundation from a presenter after watching tons of videos on it. This makeup is so bad. It literally has the sheerest coverage I've ever seen. It gets super greasy within an hour and rubs off on everything. I even tried it with their primer... Read more

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Purchased brand new in Aug. 2015 (2016 model). Two days later generator stopped working, refrigerator not working, roof air not working, broken drawer hasp. Returned to dealer (Mike Thompson) very poor customer service. Over 100 that day and was told to sit inside... Read more

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Nick's system is much like other gurus out there. It's a business, designed to make money, and lots of it. They tease you, sell you, upsell you again, and upsell you some more just when you thought you had bought it all. Each time they make you feel like you need to go... Read more

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Just had a distasteful experience dealing with the “Annual Pass Member” desk. I was trying to renew my pass for my family and the agent was very short and pressuring. When I asked what my benefits were if I renewed vs just go to the booth at my very next time at the... Read more

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I signed up for the study that was supposed to be free of charge and actually paid $25 when completed. I received the package in about a week, spit into the collection tubes during the day and sent off to lab. started to take the pills the next day. Took pills... Read more

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DO NOT HIRE ELLA MAIDS TO DO ANY CLEANING FOR YOU!!! I mistakenly hired them for back to back jobs and regret it. They were to clean a house after a move out and clean a condo for a move in. The house, they didn't clean the ceramic floor tiles, all corners were left... Read more

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Worst worst worst company. They do not care. I got hung up on many times & got told that in 104 degree heat in AZ they don't need to fix my AC right away even though I have a 2year old. When I asked to talk with a manager I got put on hold for 20 mins then hung up on.... Read more

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DO NOT FINANCE A CAR THRU THIS LENDER. There are many others that will not make your life a nightmare! Just to name a few "issue" of experienced: making a mistake on the loan where I was overcharged for months - they have not reimbursed me or credited the account 3 yrs... Read more

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Molly Maids spilled bleach on my carpet and ruined it. Also one the maids set a soda pop in a jack in the Box cup on top of one of my leather table tops and it left a mark in the leather. I trusted them and left a check for them to come in and clean. When I came home... Read more

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Bought through Costco, $1400 on 9/25/14..... always some issue, rebooting all the time... Well, last Saturday 12/3/16, the NVR was making a grinding noise. I removed the cover and turned back to discover it is the fan in the power supply. I used compressed air to clean... Read more

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