Fuckbook.com internet dating site is that site a scam? Mate1 Notice is that also a scam? Just asking if it's a scam as well. I have always just went for the free basic service and always waited to see if any women respond.I think RudeFinders.com is a scam as well.... Read more

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Tr Realty - Review in Real Estate category from San Bernardino, California
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TR REALTY LAS VEGAS NEVADA. Bradford Roberts writes fake reviews for himself on zillow. What a ***. His agents litigate with clients and he encourages that. He pays yelp to wash away the negative reviews generated by his lackeys practicing bad business ripping everyone... Read more

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We already left a review of Charles Brzezinski and CBCS but please disregard that review as it was forced out of us because Charles held our project hostage until my wife left positive feedback. We hired Charles to construct a tiny house on a 24x8 ft. flatbed trailer... Read more

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NO NO NO! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Stay far away from this place! There's a reason they are not part of the BBB! They do not run an ethical place of business and they discriminate! All of these reviews are mandatory to receive $497 back as part of the 6 week... Read more

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one source talent is now nine9 modeling and acting! still charge people, same company. 99 models charges money. i would not trust and run, same old company. nine9 models is just a new name for old company. they want you credit card now, everything weird. if one source... Read more

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Sono Bello's reply to:

Dear Jennwatts, We are sorry you have such a low opinion of us. We are absolutely committed to our patients' satisfaction, both with their experience and their results. Our physicians are dedicated to their patients and the results achieved. We aim to be transparent,... Read more

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Let me start out by saying that I was inspired to join The Camp's 6-week challenge because I was impressed the results of some of my friends on Facebook who successfully completed the challenge. Although I am pleased with my weight lost and fitness goals after doing... Read more

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Fortunebuilders's reply to:

FortuneBuilders have been in the real estate investing business for over 10 years. We have coached and training thousands of investors, beginners to advanced, from around the country. At all of our events and trainings we make it very clear that the real estate... Read more

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once your a member of that site they have someway to *** your computer , I was a member of bisexual playground.com . when I made a complaint agiast a member name brandon . they slandered me on my own profile , what they did it , they made it where everyone eles cant... Read more

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Review about Tr Realty Property Management from Los Angeles, California
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If you are an investor, home buyer, landlord or a tenant it is clear from these online reviews you don't want to get tangled up with TR Realty or be involved in a business transaction where one of their agents will litigate with you or your client. Read more

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