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Omg.... I am shaking. I canceled my autoship... It works just took $110 from our bank account. I received no emails saying my autoship was going to happen like I had in the past and no message saying the order would ship soon, I just woke up this morning to one... Read more

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I worked for this company for 6 months. We are trained to lie and trick people into getting their banking information. The managers and president if company "Sheldon wolf" "Steven Myers" "Jacob McCabe" And Hassan are money grubbing ego tistical self centered ***. They... Read more

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Sept 2/ 2016 Subject: Broken HP Laptop submitted for repair on approx Aug 20/ To whom it may concern........ As a loyal and dedicated Costco customer and Executive Member since 2007, it is with a certain level of disappointment that I am writing this letter. Approx. 1... Read more

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I love skate shoes and I love DC shoes, However; recently I bought a new pair of black leather upper with a white shoe. The construction seems not on par with what I am use to. Where the tongue stich meets the upper shoe part near the lower first shoe lace ring and the... Read more

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With Official Company Response

I took advantage, or so I thought of the special offer of Luminess Air Brush kit, for $19.95 US. As a Canadian, I knew I would be paying the exchange rate, plus shipping and handling. Once I placed the order I received a reply with my confirmation order number,... Read more

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I cancelled my 'meaningless' beauty order due to a huge unexpected bill that customer service explained away in an irritated tone. Guess what I got in the mail today!!!! Another huge box of product that I didn't order! I don't know what part of cancel my membership... Read more

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I am a parent of a franchisee. College Pro is in the business of making money for College Pro despite what they tell you about training and personal growth and developing entrepreneurs. Hogwash. They will suck you in and make you pay for the privilege of earning them... Read more

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Went in for a hair cut for my puppy. Told the grooming lady that my dog doesn't need nail cut (cuz he is scared of it). Then she gave him a nail cut and said that he bit her severely(which were just nipping), so she couldn't move forward to the haircut anymore. She... Read more

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Aliexpress - Review about Swiss Army Knife Replica from Victoria, British Columbia
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Greetings: I would submit this complaint to Aliexpress, but their complaint system has no option for general complaints. The closest I was able to get was to submit a phishing complaint, and explain the situation. Other ways require a product URL that is always... Read more

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Gearbest - Extra fees
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I bought $28 worth of product, I paid an extra $10 for shipping. After I received my shipped product notice the crooked company they use for shipping DHI , told me I owed an additional $19 dollars in fees and customs to continue shipping my product. This was a false... Read more

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