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Telus Communications - No free tv 1.8 I tried to sign up for the telus internet/cable package that includes the free tv. They told me I could sign up....but because of my "credit score" I... Construction of the DC shoes 4.0 I love skate shoes and I love DC shoes, However; recently I bought a new pair of black leather upper with a white shoe. The construction seems not on... Petsmart - Dog Grooming Service Review from Victoria, British Columbia Went in for a hair cut for my puppy. Told the grooming lady that my dog doesn't need nail cut (cuz he is scared of it). Then she gave him a nail cut a... Dairy Queen - Something About Mary I love this DQ outlet, and have been going off and on for about ten years now. Everyone there is great - except for one girl. If you are waited on by... Esecuritel - SCAM!!!!!!!! After having " insurance " with these clowns they charge an exceedingly high amount to give you a replacement or even help wit the fixing of any... Fido - Brain dead phone company Nice going *** up my account and deny me access to my web account and now because I have to wait and wait for paper billing you cut my... Telus Communications - Phone internet billing customer service 1.6 I have been a telus customer getting in on the free PVR and such.
Don't do it! the customer service is non existent! With Telus billing you have to very carefully read everything as there is always other charges.
Credit Slab Credit Score Improvement Review from Victoria, British Columbia I worked for this company for 6 months. We are trained to lie and trick people into getting their banking information. The managers and president if...