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I found an amazing deal on the Allegiant Air website Thursday, August 23rd, 2012. It was so good that I refreshed the page thinking there was an error. It kept coming back to the same thing. Air & 5 nights hotel was $169.60. So I booked it. How could I not? It was the desired dates I wanted and Garth Brooks would be performing on the last night I was in town... Three hours after booking, I called Allegiant Air and spoke with a rep. because... Read more

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Uship - Screwed over carrier not only once but twice
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Uship is one of the biggest and most visible money making illegitimate company's in North America. They are a broker in every definition of the word and description by charging both a carrier and customer money for a service. How is it that not one lawyer or MLA or any government official ever done an expose on this company. Do you really believe they are pay proper taxes to the Canadian government for all the work being secured by Canadian... Read more

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Horrible experience! I borrowed $83,000 in 2010 - made full payments until 2014. They started a foreclosure action and I lost my home. They want to collect $105,000 - this is 5 years later after I borrowed the money. My payments were $1000 per month. I paid them $48,000! I understand I am responsible to pay the agreed interest and commitment but really they put you on a "never never" program. Also, check out the legal team... Read more

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We have a 2010 stealth and have had nothing but problems. Time after time we have contacted Forest River and they will not stand behind there product. Something must be done, I am thinking of taking this to a lawyer and better business bureau here not to sell this product in Canada. If you are reading this "Do Not buy a Forest River product". Our was never sealed properly and the beginning and now we have a 10000 water damage we have to pay... Read more

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This people ripped me off bad. Bought membership, followed rules. Booted me out with no explanation, keep all my money. When I ask why, Then insult me. tell me not attractive enough to be in club, only let member long enough to take money, and nothing i can do about it. Will tell people I broke club rules, no one will believe me, I am new and I am ugly. Tell me I am bad for their business and not good enough to be member. Threaten then to... Read more

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My husband and I purchased a fifth wheel trailer from RV Wholesalers in Ohio five years ago and were sold the extended warranty at that time. When I contacted RV Wholesalers they informed me it was not through them but through Signet Finance who went bankrupt. RV Wholesalers refuse to honour this warranty. They told me to contact the California Attorney General Office and submit a grievance. This is very poor business practice. I feel... Read more

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2010 22-10 POS!! no other way to say it. Half ton towable yes but under what leaks, cabinets look 20 years old, paint...omg! looks like it was primed then polished. Back door frame has been painted three times and still rusting. Work lights fell off the back because the junk plastic crumbled away...flooring in the trailer cracking away and separating. Needed new bed before we even used it. How can you sell junk! one year warranty...if... Read more

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I would like to share my experience with vivint. I first signed up with vivint (then known as APX alarms) in May 2010. The salesman that came to my door was polite and very knowledgeable. Not too pushy but still managed to convince me to set up an alarm. I had considered getting one for my house as I lived in a less than desirable area. By 6pm that night, all the T's were crossed and the I's were dotted. He explained that an installation crew... Read more

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I thought ordered a FREE Trial but it's not! Hydrolux/Celiva anti aging cream and eye gel SCAM! VERY disappointed....the company will RIP YOU OFF BIG TIME! DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT THROUGH FACEBOOK OR ANY OTHER ADVERTISING! DO NOT ORDER! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER! FREE TRIAL SCAM! They auto charge you for both product @ $98 EACH before you can "trial" them. NO refund and you can't get any company information!Had to cancel credit... Read more

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I bought some breyers vanilla ice cream for a treat for my wife and I. Thought I was buying a trusted brand so didn't look too close at the ingrediants. To say it was disappointing is a gross understatement, as is saying it was actually ice cream. It tasted like fake chemical filled frosted topping. Totally disgusting. Put it in the laundry room sink to thaw so we could throw it out and to our horror it would not melt! Ice cream that won't... Read more

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