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Checkoutportal - WIRECARD or CHECKOUT Scammer Fraud Lost $25,000 1.0 WIRECARD or CHECKOUT Portal Scammed us for $25,000 Never Never Never trust them They scammed us for $25,000 , we processed all our hard earn money of... Fingerhut - Worst service and customer service ever. Still have not recieved product on 6/7/17 I placed an order that was an expectant delivery date of 6/12/17. I called on the 6/11/17 because I had not gotten an email with shipping... Premier Tax Free - Pramier Tax Free in Germany I did not receive my refund since 7 April 2017. I purchased the item in Germany and send in the stamped documents to Munchen per mail from the United... Premier Tax Free - These guys are crooks. 1.0 Just try getting them to pay what they owe you. I submitted my form exactly as I was supposed to (in a box for customs at the airport). For months... Fabletics - Vip Membership Review from Munich, Bayern 1.0 Total Scam! The adv is all over The tv. I aaw kate Hudson. I didn't even imagine that such a well known actor would be involved in a scam ! But guess... Light In The Box - Delivery Service Review from Munich, Bayern Hello i have an order of 158$ with light in the box i have payed with my bank card my order never arrived i can not open a complaint because my order... OwlPLAYZ - Subscription Review from Gr, Bayern 1.0 Totally scam. I had to cancel my credit card.
All sounds great to have stuff for free. There are even advertisement in reputed newspapers pretending news.
GSM Earpiece - Beware! Well, I wanted to order a device from I first checked if there is any information about the company on the internet. Guess what,...