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Interval International - Unreasonable request I recently requested an exchange of dates for my timeshare. There is a fee for this for which I have no problem paying. I was also told I need to pay... Villa del Palmar - Scammed by 1.0 Omg do not used this company by any means! Huge huge scam!!!! Paid my trip in full and all associated fees. Book my trip 2 months ago for September... Pueblo Bonito - HORRIBLE, IMPOSSIBLE TO DEAL WITH, RIP OFF COMPANY!! 1.8 My husband had offered our week to my nephew in November. We made the reservation but a few weeks later he let us know that he could not go due to a... Grand Solmar - Deceptive, unlawful sales tactics I purchased a timeshare and the next day, I had buyer's remorse. I immediately emailed the sales people (I believe what they gave me were personnel... Vidanta - They train their sales people to lie.. 1.0 I am having a problem with Vidanta and the sales people. We thought we paid what we bought. a year later when we try to book a vacation we learned... Pueblo Bonito - Fabulous vacation until we realized we got scammed 3.2 We got scammed too!! We were told we would get a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom suite for less than $899 a week with this program. They also threw in 1 week to... Villa del Palmar - Total scam, don't believe anything they promise. 1.0 Just like everyone else we were scammed by Villa Del Palmar and Resortcom. I urge anyone who sees this that has been scammed by a timeshare, no... The Residences At La Vista - Residences at La Vista, cabo san lucas Do not presume that if its in the contract, you have any guarantee that promises will be kept. These people reneged on what was promised within a year...