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A consultant contacted my boyfriend saying that she was starting a business and offering free facials, after contacting me and inviting herself into my home I had the most awkward unprofessional and embarrassing (on her part) night. Long story short, she was pushy, kept on saying how much she didn't like/ have an interest in makeup!?!?!?!?!?!?! When I cancelled my order after numerous issues I was only partially refunded and they still owe me... Read more

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My previous partner is an Arbonne cuntsoltant. I knew it was just another scam from the start, but I put up with it. First the lies(not sure if it is a part of the training), then the kids were missing school because taking them was getting in the way of empowering women seminars. Now I live on my own pay $350 /week in childsupport supporting an Arbonne habit, I only get to see my kids one day a week. Don't get sucked in, I was never allowed... Read more

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It is really sad that here in Australia, Australian customer service by Australian people is worse than by anyone from any other background. The lady on the phone asked me to hold the call and she actually forgot to put me on hold, I am not from Australia(I am a citizen now, but my accent isn't Australian) I do not fake my accent. I heard some racist comments from that lady saying to somebody about my accent, she added "oh, language... Read more

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Kia Motors - I had an accident with kia cerato and the air bag didn't open
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ok ,i don't trust kia any brother had an accident few days ago.and he definitely was going to die,and guess what the steering wheel air bag didn't open ! yes it didn't open 'he just survived because he jumped on the next seat in the last seconds ,wow. I have photos if someone is interested. The car i was driving was kia cerato model 2010.the insurance company that I'm with commented on the same issue,so I don't... Read more

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QISGROUP IS A SCAM SITE Similar experience to manky1 who has also posted on this site. I ordered a pair of running spikes (hard to get pair) and we sent a pair of fake nike football boots. Only similarity was that they were yellow. Exchanged 30 emails with "service" area, then email goes dead. Do not buy from it is a scam run by crooks. I knew that I had been scammed as soon as funds were taken from my account from China. Items... Read more

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Kerenique billed us after we received their so called free offer, and when I contacted them via email they said they do not have me on record. The ad for the free offer was sitting on a web page that I regularly visit, this lulled me ito a false sense on security. So I contacted the company that was hosting the ad and they said it was a scam. I did however get the products and they have made no difference at all. Keranique is has no scruples... Read more

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And here is my correspondence with them! (Me)Leaving Message Hi, I have ordered a dress and it is faulty - the internal part of one sleeve is sewn in wrong way and you can not put your hand trough the sleeve. I would like to send it back and have refund. Can you let me know how to proceed. Thank you!Regards Form:System 04-20-2012 01:50 Dear Penka , Thank you for your message,If your items have quality problem ,then we will be responsible... Read more

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I ordered a number of items from Fashion Mia a little while ago. They were to be delivered in two batches. One batch came quite quickly and as ordered. The quality was good and the items were as expected. The clothes vary in sizing. We didn't look closely at the site when we ordered first time around, but the website is excellent in alerting customers to the actual measurements (one item may be M and another XXL). The other batch was not... Read more

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I ordered this free product, apart from postage of $6.49. Then found I have been charged $107.39 face cream 102.39 eye serum 8.01 postage 8.32 postage 3.22 transaction fee in total this free product cost me$230.00 I looked very very carefully before ordering confident that there were no hidden charges, I've never been so angry , for a company to so blatantly mislead consumers. Beware. I just at my statement again and low behold another... Read more

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After not having purchased from Zulily before I was very tempted to buy some shoes in their retro range. I was sceptical so read some reviews before purchasing. Reviews mostly seemed to mention poor quality items and slow delivery times. I decided to place my order because I was familiar with the brands I was ordering and their level of quality, and because I was prepared to wait a little longer for my shoes to arrive. With the standard delivery... Read more

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