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A consultant contacted my boyfriend saying that she was starting a business and offering free facials, after contacting me and inviting herself into my home I had the most awkward unprofessional and embarrassing (on her part) night. Long story short, she was pushy,... Read more

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I have been a client of Pacific Tycoon for a few years and all was well until April, when payments stopped. I have not received any payments for April , May, June, and now its August and past the payment date. I wonder if a letter to the HK and Viet embassies... Read more

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They claimed they sent an email two weeks ago asking me to remove speed dating from my events or they would shut my group down. I never received an email. When I said I would comply they said the decision was final. Meet up are horrible for treating such loyal... Read more

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I ordered a number of items from Fashion Mia a little while ago. They were to be delivered in two batches. One batch came quite quickly and as ordered. The quality was good and the items were as expected. The clothes vary in sizing. We didn't look closely at the site... Read more

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I ordered several items online to be shipped to Australia. After five days I received an email notifying me that one of the items (being a $80 dress) I had ordered was not available. In reply I requested cancellation of the order, given I did not want to pay $20 for... Read more

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After not having purchased from Zulily before I was very tempted to buy some shoes in their retro range. I was sceptical so read some reviews before purchasing. Reviews mostly seemed to mention poor quality items and slow delivery times. I decided to place my order... Read more

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Kerenique billed us after we received their so called free offer, and when I contacted them via email they said they do not have me on record. The ad for the free offer was sitting on a web page that I regularly visit, this lulled me ito a false sense on security. So... Read more

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Constant connection issues. Bad provider. Blames the customer for the fault. Do not use them

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Hi haven't order anything fron this company but they $17.48 out of my credit card this evening what is going on

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QISGROUP IS A SCAM SITE Similar experience to manky1 who has also posted on this site. I ordered a pair of running spikes (hard to get pair) and we sent a pair of fake nike football boots. Only similarity was that they were yellow. Exchanged 30 emails with "service"... Read more

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